Hugging can boost your mental health

Apart from just spreading joy, there are many benefits of hugging. And while not everyone will enjoy or feel comfortable from the physical touch involved, hugs positively impact both physical and mental health. With consent and under appropriate circumstances, you should hug frequently to reap the health benefits.

A few reasons why you should hug more often

  1. Hugs reduce stress

Hugs are well known to reduce levels of cortisol, which is a stress hormone. This helps to counteract the physiological consequences that surround stress.

  1. Hugs help the body to release oxytocin

Often referred to as the “love hormone,”oxytocin is released when we bond or cuddle. That is why being hugged makes one feel so good. Whenever you feel down, you can lift your mood by hugging someone.

  1. Hugs prevent illness

Scientific studies have revealed that frequent hugging protects people from being susceptible to the type of stress that causes infection.

  1. Hugs offer a form of re-assurance

Distressed people are hugged instinctively. They generally feel safe when they receive a hug from a loved one or a caring person.

We hug others when we’re happy, excited, or trying to give comfort. Universally, hugging makes us feel good and is generally comforting. It turns out that frequent hugging is proven to make people happier and healthier. The benefits go beyond the warm feeling one gets when hugging. Aside from giving better mental health, hugging is also responsible for a healthy immune boost.

Role of online therapy in boosting mental health

The COVID-19 pandemic has made people say goodbye to loved ones, lose jobs, and consequently to suffer severe mental health problems. Those experiencing emotional issues and mental illness resulting from COVID-19 can find relief by consulting the best online therapists. They use scientifically validated procedures to help people develop more effective and healthier habits. Online therapy offers a supportive environment so that you can talk openly with an objective person who is non-judgmental and neutral.

Choosing the best online therapist

The best online therapists offer affordable, convenient ways of receiving mental health support. They provide opportunities for connecting with reputable therapists in an accessible and flexible scheduling environment. Online therapy also offers varied communication options and various choices when selecting a platform and service provider.

Relief seekers have done the research and assembled the best online therapists in one online platform. Here you’ll select a licensed, caring online therapist in a fully confidential and secure setting, feeling at ease that these are the best online therapists in their respective fields of specialty. All have undergone an arduous verification and screening process to guarantee their qualifications and expertise.

Since you’ll be sharing your troubling issues and personal information, you want to be sure you’re getting excellent treatment. As such, you need to take some time to choose the best online therapist. When seeking online therapy, ensure you choose high-quality treatment with a professional, licensed therapy professional.

How to find the best online therapist

When looking for the best online therapist, you need to take into account some key considerations which include: 

  • Therapist qualifications
  • Provider’s effectiveness
  • Areas of specialization
  • Security and confidentiality practices
  • Pricing comparisons

According to the American Psychological Association (APA) and other mental health professionals,an estimated 45 million Americans are victims of mental health disorders. Some of the reasons people seek online therapy services with licensed mental health professionals include depression, anxiety, substance abuse, and anger management. 

Due to the large number of people who suffer from mental health issues, out of every five individuals, one is negatively affected by symptoms of anxiety, mental illness, and stress. The mental health subject may be embarrassing or perceived as a stigma for some people, making it hard for them to get help. That is where online therapy is useful.

However, there should be no embarrassment when seeking mental health issues treatment, just like there’s no shame when dealing with physical health issues. For instance, if you were to break your arm, you would need a professional doctor for treatment. Similarly, you’d seek help from a professional therapist if you’re struggling with depression. Online therapy is here for people to get help from the best online therapists via phone, online video sessions, or chat.

That said, you will need to ensure you are comfortable with the therapist you’ve selected, and that you’ll be honest and open up. You may have to engage with more than one online therapist before finding the right one for your needs.