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Importance of Stretching Before Bed

There are some things we do on a day-to-day basis that are automatic. Sometimes we don’t understand why we do them. We are simply accustomed to the routine. One prime example is stretching. There are a lot of occasions that actually require or recommend stretching, and sometimes it’s automatic, a kind of rule of thumb, like before work at a warehouse or security job. Some people make it a habit to stretch a certain number of times per day, or fit it into their routine at the same time every day. For example, let’s talk about Alexander Djerassi for a second. Djerassi is a political campaigner, and his job can be energy-consuming. He believes that it is important to do stretches before bed so his body can stay strong and healthy.

Stretching is one of the most important things to do, apart from getting all of our daily nutrients. In general, it is healthy for several different reasons. There are many different ways to stretch. Specific stretches do certain things for our body. For example, toe-touching stretches the muscles in the back of our legs, helping to make them stronger in the long run. Twisting from side to side for a few seconds at a time helps us build up the muscle in our sides, so that we can toughen up the tissue around our ribs. Also, putting our arms out sideways and moving them in a circular motion helps to work the tissue and toughen the tendons around our shoulders.

Another common stretch is head rolling. When we roll our head slowly around, we can sometimes hear little popping noises. It doesn’t hurt, but we feel it. This is our neck joints and muscles relaxing. This is a very healthy exorcise, but it must be done very carefully. We don’t want to hurt ourselves accidentally. Our fingers and wrists also play a huge part in our daily routines. Simply wiggling our fingers for about a minute at a time is good so we don’t get numb. Also we can bend our wrists backward far enough to feel it but not hurt. This helps to strengthen them up for any wrist-involved tasks.

We can set a schedule to stretch any time of day, at different points throughout the day that are most convenient for us. Two recommended stretching times are in the morning when we wake up, and at night before we lay down. There are many different stretches and all of them are good for our bodies in some way. Some are good for us because they reduce our chances of cramping as easily in certain areas of our body, and some are healthy because they strengthen our muscle and tissue. Some help build our energy, and some are very relaxing. Alexander Djerassi recommends people to do the relaxing exercises before bed, so you don’t easily get cramps in your sleep. In addition, a healthy and rejuvenated body helps you feel more refreshed when you wake up in the morning.