Information to know before taking Nutritional Supplements and health formulas

Most of the people in this modern world, especially in the developed countries, take at least one or more health supplements daily. They help in the supply of vitamins, amino acids, minerals, enzymes and other little nutrients. All of them are available in various forms like capsules, tablets, powders, energy bars, drinks and shakes.  Some very popular supplements people very commonly take are fish oils, probiotics, D and E vitamins, iron and calcium minerals and garlic and Echinacea herbals. However, it is mandatory for the people to know certain facts regarding these dietary supplements and consuming them regularly.

Product label

It is compulsory for the dietary supplement products to print the supplement facts in detail as a list. The information must include the names of the main ingredients and their quantity in a serving along with extra ingredients. It is must be clearly indicated the nature of the supplement, for whom it is prepared and the recommended serving.


Production of these products involves very complicated process. Healthcare companies must adhere to the standards prescribed by the government to ensure their quality. They must have the required strength, purity, identity and the right composition. All these guidelines prevent the introduction of wrong ingredients as well wrong measurements. In addition, products that are produced as per the governmental rules are devoid of contamination, wrong methods of packaging and labelling.

Other than this, leading healthcare organizations have their own quality checking departments with high level of checking. Moreover, there are some top level organizations that deal with testing and offer seals of approval, which people consider as the best in the market.

Safety and risk

Though these supplements provide positive effects on many, some people suffer with side effects especially at the initial stage. Some may experience bleeding and some may not get affected with anaesthesia. Vitamin K will definitely reduce the power of bold thinners. Supplements for Vitamin E and C may cause ineffectiveness towards cancer chemotherapy.

Even though there are no side effects to a person, with other food items consumed and digested, these nutrients may become more than necessary. Having more than enough is also a headache, which will lead to serious health factors.


For people, who do not eat variety of foods regularly and concentrate on all nutrients in their daily intake can take dietary supplements, if possible with the physician’s advise. Many people find them helpful to manage certain health conditions and for overall health. Calcium and Vitamin D are very much essential to bone strengthening and folic acid helps the pregnant women to avoid certain birth defects.

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