Is Hair A Transplant Right for You?

A hair transplant surgery London, at a Vinci clinic or hospital is strictly an outpatient operation. During the treatment some of the patient’s thriving hair is surgically removed to be transplanted onto a thinning or bald spot. There are many varieties of hair transplant options available today, with Follicular Unit Transplant and Follicular Unit Extraction being the two most popular and successful.

The methods differ only in how the grafts are initially harvested from the donor. The transplant takes off a small strip of follicles with which the surgeon implants individually. Extraction uses a tiny cylindrical punch press to remove follicles individually for immediate reimplantation into the patient’s potentially hirsute area.

More detail about the FUE extraction process

This process is considered to be the least invasive way to restore a luxuriant head of hair for either the male or female. Because the follicles are extracted one at a time there is almost no scarring of any kind. Patients are even able to wear their hair very short without any undue notice being taken.

More about FUT transplant

Using a local anaesthetic, a strip of hair is removed from the back of the head which has not atrophied yet. The extracted follicles are carefully nourished in a bed of shea butter and vitamin E gel to insure their hardiness and sheen, and are then introduced into the bald area. The success rate for this type of procedure is over 95 percent. This is the best procedure for covering extensive areas of male pattern baldness.

The Vinci Max

When the atrophied hair area is extensive and of long duration, other hair clinics often resort to a series of hair transplants — which can be both painful and inconvenient for the patient. But Vinci has patented a new procedure that allows the hair surgeon to perform the entire grafting operation in one session. Afterwards, the patient need merely rest for an hour or two and perhaps take an over the counter pain medication for the mild and temporary scalp puckering that is a natural consequence of the Vinci Max treatment.

Can eyebrows be transplanted?

Yes the can!  Thin or nonexistent eyebrows can have a definite impact on a person’s self confidence and self image. Thick rich eyebrows give the face a confident and friendly appearance. The procedure takes less than two hours to complete, and uses only hair from the patient so that the restored eyebrow is indistinguishable from their own natural eyebrow.

And so can beards!

In many world cultures a thick and luxuriant beard is not just a sign of male prowess, but a necessity for success in business and marriage. A man may have a full crop of hair and yet suffer from a thin and scraggly beard that never grows in evenly or thickly. Using the latest follicle transplant technology, specialists can help cultivate a thick and standardized beard. No one will be able to tell that follicle transplant or grafting has taken place.

With today’s advanced medical technology, there’s really no reason why any man, or woman, should go through life lacking a full head of hair. The procedures are quick and relatively painless, and completely safe. Since only your own hair is used, there is never any chance of a negative bodily reaction to a follicle transplant or strip transplant. So see your hair specialist today for advice on which procedure will work best for you.