Is The Craze for CBD Oil Justified or Baseless Hype?

When you take a walk in most streets in the UK, there are three types of businesses you will mostly see. One of them are clothing stores, the other are fast food chains, and then you will see tens of CBD retailers. This isn’t only happening offline. But when you are busy browsing through social media, you will come across CBD Oil advertisements. There has been an explosion in the market for CBD products. These CBD products are getting a lot of praises from left, right, and corner. It is, therefore, safe to ask is the craze for CBD Oil justified or baseless hype?

What is CBD Oil?

One of the most common CBD based products is CBD Oil. It is derived from the Cannabidiol compound that is found in Marijuana. Cannabidiol is the non-psycho active compound found in Marijuana. Research by different experts has linked the compound to a wide range of medical benefits such as pain relief and reduction in symptoms of anxiety and depression.

CBD Oil is a popular CBD product that can be used to treat any of the above conditions. It is legal here in the UK, and you don’t need a prescription to get this supplement. A 30ml bottle of CBD oil can cost £60. This will depend on the brand.

This product has amassed a lot of positive reviews online from its users, and the CBD Oil craze doesn’t seem to be coming to an end anytime soon. But the big question is, does it really work?

To find out about different products out there, it maybe advantageous to compare the various oil products in order to get a better understanding of what each manufacturer offers and whether it’s right for you. See here for more information.

Does It Really Work?

There are two ways on how we can determine if CBD products work or not. We can either read reviews from previous users of the supplement or research. The latter has been done extensively by private medical researchers, and the results happen to be very positive. Most public entities are sceptical towards researching CBD because of the stigma associated with Marijuana and the strict laws that govern the use of Marijuana. It is only in the US where the federal government has approved the first cannabis ever made medicine called Epidiolex that is used to treat Epilepsy.

If you head out online, you will find lots of CBD Oil testimonials praising this CBD product for its overall effectiveness. Private research is also proving the same. And it is for these reasons that we can conclude that CBD Oil does work.

Clinical trials have been done on CBD Oil, and the results have been positive. It has been recommended for cancer patients and those suffering from conditions like Epilepsy, anxiety, and depression.

CBD Manufacturing companies respond positively to the doubts people have with their products. Some of the big companies sponsor clinical research so that their clients can have a clear understanding of how it works. In an interview, Ms. Hales, Director of Synerva CBD Oils UK, agreed that their company understands the scepticism people have when it comes to CBD products. She says the reason for this is because it is still a new supplement in the market, and there is still some stigma associated with Medical Marijuana.

The bottom line is, CBD wouldn’t be so hyped if it didn’t work. There are lots of supplements that we have seen introduced in the market. But none has passed our expectations more than CBD has. In a survey done by Dynata and YouGov in June 2019. The results indicated that 8% – 11% of UK adults have tried CBD Products. We can expect this number to skyrocket in the next few years.