Israel’s Growing Global Connection and Business Prowess

The globe is more connected now than it’s ever been. A fact that has come as a result of countless factors and influences. A fact that is the driving force for some nations’ success and others oppression. Israel is one country that has been steadily cementing its position as a global power. It’s one of the top ranked nations in several realms of business, but most prominently that of tech to the point it’s called Startup Nation

Today Israel is ranked second for research and development expenditure per capita and third for AI startups. Tel Aviv is in itself one of the most influential cities in the world for tech. This is no coincidence either, Israel is taking measured steps to make this a reality. The country has heavy incentives for IP creation, gives millions away in grants and incentives, and has countless investment programs. 

Israel also has a solid connection with other countries. The most obvious example is that of the U.S, the two countries sharing offices and headquarters for many companies. Israel companies also commonly end up selling to larger U.S companies, overall creating a strong bond between the two. Elsewhere Israel is also cementing its connection to other nations through the Abraham Accords. 

Israel today isn’t the most influential country, but it is working to become one. The small nation has opted to rely on others instead of their own limited resources to incredible success. It seems things are only looking up, now only time can tell exactly how prominent the nation will become.

How Israel Has Emerged on the Tech Scene