Know it Inside and Out: Nutritional Benefits of Vitamins and Supplements

The vitamin and supplement industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in the business world. Over half of worldwide consumers take daily supplements, and every demographic in the United States has seen an increase in supplement intake as well. 

There is new scientific backing for vitamins that is bringing increased confidence to the supplements consumers are using. With this scientific backing, consumers are even more aware of what their vitamins and supplements can do, such as improve performance during workouts as well as cognitive, functional, and physiological outcomes, slow the rate of brain shrinkage, and reduce the risk of injuries they may sustain. 

The development of these supplements is being shaped and pioneered by field experts. Some notable names helping with the development of these vitamins include Karen Howard, CEO and executive director of the Organic & Natural Health Association, Dr. Uma Naidoo, faculty member at Harvard Medical School and nutritional psychiatrist, and Eli Farragi, CEO and founder of InnoBev. 

Growth of the vitamin and supplement industry is projected to continue to rise within the coming years. As more and more households buy and consume vitamins and supplements, the trends of this industry will continue to climb and reach record peaks.

The Big Business of Supplements