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Leading a Healthy Life Does not need to be Costly

Helen Lee Schifter is a health expert that has passionately expressed her views on a myriad of different subjects. Surely among them has been the need for more people to take their health more seriously than they presently do. This is indeed an issue that’s plaguing American society in a severe and substantial way, that unfortunately has gone unnoticed and neglected for far too long.

Those like Helen Lee Schifter have indeed pointed to the obesity epidemic as evidence of this type of level of neglect that has been exhibited on the part of too many. There is also a dereliction of duty and blame to go around on the part of lawmakers, policymakers and even overall influencers and prominent figures.

Why haven’t they done more in an effort to communicate the importance and value of maintaining one’s health and wellness to the general public? These are questions that indeed require answers. Answers that we are surely not to get unless we pursue a hardcourt press that makes them feel as if it indeed warrants answers.

So what’s the most appropriate and indeed effective way to do this? For one, there is a need to educate the public about the value of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. This needs to be ingrained in the minds of members of the public so that they never neglect their physical health at the expense of any other priorities one might have.

Helen Schifter understands how important such a mission is; which is why she’s dedicated so much time to seeking to rectify the approach people take to health. It’s our hope that through Helen’s work and the work of other health activists, there will indeed be a significant impact and dent made. As change needs to come.