Making Health and Wellbeing Your Priority in 2022

Now that the new year is here, it’s time to put some focus on yourself. It is easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle of busy weeks, and sometimes you forget to take care of yourself properly. Everyone has those days where they don’t feel like doing anything, and that is okay. But make this the year that you take control of your health, physically and mentally, and work towards creating habits, routines, and a lifestyle that nurtures your mind and body.

Eat Enough Fruit and Veg

Getting enough nutritious food is essential to fuel your body and your mind. Not only do you become fatigued without proper nutrients, but a lack of vitamins can also make you more prone to illness. Making sure your diet is packed full of fruit and vegetable goodness will leave you more focused, productive, and energized.

Cook For Yourself

One way to make sure you are getting enough fruit and veg is to regularly cook for yourself. Whilst it can be easy and simple to order food or stick a ready meal in the microwave, they are not necessarily healthy. Cooking can be a calming ritual; you get to eat exactly what you want and can control what is going into your body.

Exercise Regularly

Exercise pumps your body full of positive hormones; it keeps your body able and agile and has been proven to improve mental health. Whether it’s a home workout, a run in the park, or a visit to a fully equipped venue, with a range of classes, equipment, and multiple sports professionals readily available to assist you, facilities like Etage Athletic Club make exercise all that more enjoyable.

Quit Bad Habits

Everyone has something (or a few things) that they do that they wish they didn’t. It’s so easy to develop bad habits, but not so easy to break them. Whether you’ve been trying to quit smoking, have an unhealthy addiction to chocolate, or have a habit of staying up binge-watching TV; this is your sign to put an end to those unhealthy habits and focus on your health and wellbeing.

Spend More Time Outside

Immersing yourself in nature leaves you feeling alive, refreshed, and energized. Getting that fresh air flowing through your lungs is a positive boost that everyone needs. Spending time outside is good for both your mental and physical health; it is something everyone could do with more of.

Be Kind to Yourself and Others

Being kind and helpful to others not only leaves them feeling loved and appreciated but making other people feel good makes you feel good. There is nothing like putting a smile on someone else’s face. But you should be just as kind to yourself as you are to other people. When negative thoughts about yourself creep in, find ways to turn them around and make a positive. Remember, failures lead to growth.

Despite having such a busy life and 101 things to do every single day, it is essential that you set out time and prioritize your health and wellbeing in the coming year, and every year after that.