Male Masturbation Myths- Why Using Masturbators Isn’t as Bad as You Think

The myths surrounding the use of male masturbators can go from the extreme, to the seemingly plausible. But what really happens when you use a masturbator?

Short answer? Nothing. Almost zero adverse health side effects have been found in conjunction with the use of male masturbators. In fact, the use of masturbators correlates with some health benefits. We bust five of the most popular masturbation myths to get you comfortable with masturbation again. You can rest assured that your vision, and your livelihood will remain solidly intact.

Using masturbators makes you go blind

Arguably one of the favorite myths of mothers everywhere, masturbators make you go blind. This tired myth has been passed down through centuries and still seems to be holding firm today, even though there’s no truth to be seen. Unless you accidentally get lube or other fluids in your eye, there’s no link between masturbation and visual health. Not only that, but masturbation is actually a lot safer than any other form of sex. Did you know you can get eye herpes from sexual interactions?! Maybe just stick to your solo routine.

Using masturbators makes you tired

It’s not uncommon to want to roll over and snooze after a roll in the hay, but using masturbators hasn’t been shown to have the same effect. The hormone prolactin is released following sexual activity. This hormone is something that makes all mammals tired, however, men release four times as much prolactin following intercourse than they do following masturbatory orgasms. Science has no idea why, but it could be a good reason to grab your fleshlight along with your morning cup of joe.

Using masturbators decreases your sex drive

This particular myth isn’t only untrue, but it’s the complete opposite of the truth. Men who regularly use masturbators are found to have a more regular sex drive. This happens by getting your brain used to the slew of happy brain chemicals that are released during orgasm. It can also serve to get you more attuned to your own sexuality and improve sexual health. The regular release of sperm expels bacteria and can even help reduce your risk of developing prostate cancer. Masturbators are easy to use and make clean up a breeze.

Using masturbators is embarrassing

While this may hold true for some, there’s nothing to be embarrassed about when it comes to showing a little self-love. Masturbation myths are constantly being dispelled and we’ve become more comfortable with the “touchy” subject. Products like fleshlights, sex dolls, and prostate massagers are becoming more accessible and affordable. Which is great news, because now it’s easier than ever to discuss your sexual health with your partner and doctor, as well as find fun new toys to ramp up your relationship or improve you solo time. Thanks to the internet, there’s a ton of great places to shop for your toy collection. Without having to go through the sometimes mortifying experience of chatting with your local sex shop employee.