Must-Have Natural Feminine Care Products

Women’s health products have always been neglected by manufacturers and marketers when it comes to feminine health, hygiene, and sanitary products. Not that long ago your only choice for sanitary protection was between pads or tampons, and some of these came with health issues because of chemicals used in production which are then in direct contact with your body via this intimate area.

These days there are far more natural feminine care products on the market. These offer a more natural alternative to feminine hygiene. Let’s take a look at some of the best. 

Menstrual cups and discs

Menstrual cups offer a fantastic alternative to tampons and pads. Worn internally, these reusable medical grade silicone cups capture the menstrual blood (the equivalent of 5 tampons) so offer great protection. Because the cups are reusable, they are good for your pocket and environment too. Menstrual discs work in a similar way, and you can even have sex on your period. 

Period proof underwear

Comfortable, secure and safe, period underwear such as Thinx incorporates four layers of protection that protect you from leakage and odor. You can use period-proof underwear in combination with pads and tampons or use as a standalone product, depending on flow. 

Foria CBD infused Female Lubricant 

Female lubricant sometimes known as intimate gel is designed to make sex more comfortable as well as to enhance pleasure. Foria CBD infused female lubricant contains only natural ingredients for this intimate area and because the gel is based on CBD oil and coconut oil it is safe and natural for your body. 

Moon Cycle Essential Oil Roll On

Your monthly cycle often comes with cramps and mood swings. Moon Cycle Essential Oil Roll On is formulated with natural herbs including chamomile geranium and lavender and comes in a roll on dispenser ideal for easing stomach cramps and back pain. The aromatherapy oils improve mood as well as relieve tension.

Rael Feminine Wash

Your vagina cleans itself naturally. There is no need to use a douche or scrub, and if you do, you will likely disrupt the delicate PH balance and end up with a yeast infection. Rael Feminine Wash is designed to be used all over the body, including your intimate area and is a smooth gentle soap, which is chemical free.

Professional Formulas PMS DropsYour period comes with a wide range of associated side effects such as mood swings, fatigue, headaches and abdominal cramp,s which generally kick in just before your period starts. To make life easier Professional Formulas PMS Drops can help. This homeopathic formula reduces PMS symptoms and keeps you feeling on top throughout your period. Professional Formulas is a respected homeopathic brand that requires you complete a free consultation before you commit.