Nate Mell, Felt+Fat Founder, on Why Reading is the Perfect Hobby That Benefits Both Professional and Home Life

Nate Mell and his wife read aloud with one another on a consistent basis as one of their most beloved pastimes. With modern society being constantly bombarded with new modes of entertainment such as social media, streaming platforms, and more, many people forget the professional and personal benefits of reading books. In this article, Nate Mell shares some of the reasons why reading should be your new favorite hobby.

Reading is Extremely Healthy

Reading not only improves our memory and makes us more empathetic, but it also helps us to feel better and maintain a more positive outlook in our lives. Science has demonstrated that reading provides some surprising (and amazing) health benefits, including aiding in depression management, reducing stress, and mitigating the chances of developing Alzheimer’s disease later in life.

Reading brings existing neural pathways in the brain to life through active engagement, unlike television and social media, which ignites the passive brain. By reading for at least 20 minutes per day, the brain remains more elastic and active. This can go to work for you in both your personal and professional life. You will feel more empathetic and understanding of the relationships in your life, as well as feel more energized and ready to contribute to your career.

Strengthening Synapses

Your brain needs to be trained in order to grow and thrive. The problem is, many people don’t do enough to take care of their brains. By implementing reading into your routine, the benefits are sure to come quicker than expected.

Here’s why: when you read a book, you have many different things to remember. From characters to plot to themes, all of these points work to create a new memory in your brain. That means new synapses are being formed in addition to the already existing ones being strengthened. With this, your brain’s short-term memory improves (in all sectors of your life)!

How to Read More

Reading is a challenge. But like any habit, with practice, you’ll get more used to reading and even begin to thoroughly enjoy it. Start by reading before bed—just five to ten pages per night—then build out your reading schedule from there. Not only will you be immersed in a fantastic story before bed, but reading is notoriously helpful in putting people to sleep.

And most importantly, read books that interest you! If you’re not interested in reading a Victorian novel like Dracula, then don’t! There are tons of awesome contemporary books out there (both fiction and nonfiction) that are sure to ignite your curiosity!

Dedicated reading practice is a hobby that serves tons of amazing benefits towards improving your brain’s overall health, and in turn, your professional and home life. If it’s been a while since you’ve cracked open a book, it might be time to head down to the local bookstore and see what captures your interest!

About Nate Mell

Nathaniel Mell is the founder and CEO of Felt+Fat, a ceramic design, and manufacturing studio based in the Kensington neighborhood of Philadelphia. In 2013 Nate was asked to design a set of plates for what would become the award-winning restaurant ‘High Street on Market.’ Since then, the Felt and Fat studio and team have grown exponentially through Mell’s leadership to become a go-to manufacturer for design-conscious restaurateurs.