Core Body Temp Sensor, the new tech wearable

The core temp sensor is a wearable technology used for continuously monitoring body temperature. The Swiss company behind Green Teg designed this device that can cover a wide variety of applications from the health and sports sectors. The sensor is made up of a tiny thermal sensor and an AI-based algorithm and is a wearable that can be purchased off the market and stands alone.

Here we can find some examples of use cases of Core Body Temp Sensor: 

  • Remote patient monitoring, as well as workplace health and safety monitoring.
  • Sleep tracking.
  • Body temperature monitoring in highly demanding work environments.
  • Heat stress prevention.
  • Fever monitoring.
  • Training support for advanced and professional athletes.

Reliability of the Core Body Temp Sensor on the Health sector (H2)

The temperature of the body’s organs is referred to as core body temperature. With physiological events like circadian cycles, menstruation, sickness, or physical exertion, the body’s core temperature changes. Therefore, it is advised that wearables and medical diagnostic equipment include core body temperature measuring technologies.

Specifically, talking about Core Body Temp Sensor, and its applications in the health sector, the use of this new sensor has been growing in its use rapidly as a non-invasive thermometer for continuous monitoring of the temperature of patients. Despite other types of thermometers, that are used only for specific moments, the core temp sensor in health is mainly used with sticky pads until six days. To meet the needs of healthcare systems, technology was created. 

According to ISO, this sensor provides clinical-grade accuracy. In more than ten clinical studies for different body postures, it has been approved by several hospitals and institutions. On the core temp sensor website, you may get external and internal validation studies for wrist, chest, and upper-arm positions:

  • Study to validate a chest-worn device
  • Study to validate a wrist-worn device
  • Validation investigation of upper-arm wearable gadget

The Core Temp Sensor for another sector, such as sports (H2)

Sportingly speaking, when athletes are on trails or public roads, they had to use, for example, rectal probes or bladder catheters in front of people. With this new core temp sensor, they can monitor their temperature without the unpleasant process mentioned before, and also without ingesting an e-pill. This sensor is accurate, less invasive than the e-pill, and also more accessible.

The device offers armbands and other accessories, but the standard chest heart rate strap will likely be the most popular choice for most athletes. This cutting-edge sensor can be integrated with other gadgets all day long when training. Overall, it uses ANT+ & Bluetooth Smart to transmit your body’s skin and core temperatures (two distinct data points). As a result, you will be able to monitor your core temperature on your Wahoo ROAM bike computer, smartphone, or Garmin Fenix ​​6 watch.

Additionally, Core sensor users may access current and archived core body temperature data, as well as insights via the Core app created specifically for Sport Science and Performance. With an emphasis on endurance sports athletes, the Core app has been designed for everyday users of the core body temperature monitor.

If you want to read more about this new wearable, here you can find about Core Body Temp opinions and the users’ experience some had during training.