Overtraining & Rest: The Two Important Factors in Bodybuilding

Overtraining & Rest: The Two Important Factors in Bodybuilding

Several bodybuilders are not able to understand the true importance of rest and the pivotal role it plays in putting in maximum performance and achieving the best possible results from the time devoted to the workout sessions at the gym. If you wish to boost your performance in terms of strength, gain size, and definition, you need to work hard. Sometimes, heavy training with inadequate rest in between the sets, fewer days off, or more sets/work would be breaking down your muscles. You are sure to feel weaker in a very short period. Website here

To become robust and to fortify your strength, you need to know how hard you must train. You simply cannot achieve substantial gains by thinking in a vacuum. You need to think in terms of the bigger picture and realize the importance of rest and nutrition along with training in pursuing your bodybuilding goals. However, even today, many of you have not clearly understood the importance of rest in achieving maximum performance and fulfilling fitness goals and aspirations.

The Importance of Rest

Adequate and timely rest would be helping you in fortifying your strength. Rest would be helping your muscles to go through the proper healing stage and recover from the stress of hard training, Proper rest after performing your fitness routine would help you handle and manage the increased weight and boosted the number of sets, as well as, reps required to gain more lean muscle mass.

You may achieve an improvement in the physiological attributes only after enjoying a full and proper rest period post a session of hard training. This is the primary reason why the consumption of food and some appropriate supplements such as anabolic steroids are crucial to fitness success. If you allow adequate rest time post a workout session, you are sure to be attaining higher performance levels. Without adequate recovery time, your body cannot ensure optimal performance. It needs proper recovery time or rest for regenerating.

If you do not train with proper rest periods, you would have to encounter a performance plateau and would not see any new gains. Moreover, you would be exposed to the increased injury risks. Useful source


Overtraining could be referred to as the state when your body is exposed to and subjected to the stresses of training including cardio and weight training, to that point, when rest is not capable of allowing for recovery.

Some Signs of Overtraining

There are several signs of overtraining. Some physical symptoms associated with overtraining are consistently high blood pressure, elevated morning pulse rate, persistent soreness of the muscles, increase in the frequency of injuries, common illnesses such as colds, weight loss, and definitely, decreased appetite. Some emotional symptoms associated with overtraining are mood swings, irritability, insomnia, no desire to carry on training, depression, etc. Emotional symptoms are triggered by chronic overtraining. This clinical issue is best referred to as burnout. Check that


The most effective way of combating overtraining is a magical combination of proper nutrition and good rest. A well-planned training routine would be including proper nutrition along with effective supplementation and adequate rest. Understanding clearly and promptly, the symptoms of overtraining and then responding accordingly would be assisting in fulfilling your bodybuilding dreams faster. Read the full info here