Perry Adam Lieber Discusses How To Get Started Working Out

Getting started working out can be a difficult task for some people. However, it is not impossible. Perry Adam Lieber, a personal trainer from Santa Barbara, CA, feels that starting at the gym can be scary at first, but you should try to get used to it by visiting different parts of the gym, such as the free weights section or machines section. It does not matter where you start, but what matters is trying your best and pushing yourself to reach received goals.

There are many ways people choose to work out. Still, the most common ones include:

  • Cardio exercises (e.g., running or elliptical).
  • Aerobic exercises (e.g., yoga or pilates).
  • Anaerobic exercises (weight lifting).

If you want good results, according to Perry Adam Lieber, you should try to incorporate all of those types into your routine. Start with light exercises and slowly build up the intensity as you feel like it.

Remember that you do not work out to lose weight – it is too late for this by the time you notice that you have gained some pounds around your belly or thighs. Start working out to shape your body and burn fat, eventually leading to weight loss (you can learn more about burning calories below).

Figure Out Why You Want To Start Working Out

Figure out your goals. Do you want to look better or feel better? Or, maybe it’s for both reasons? Try to keep motivation high by thinking about the progress you’ve made so far and try not to compare with other people, but rather stick with what you are doing to achieve the best results.

Check Your Diet As Well

Do not forget that before starting any workout, your body needs energy. So make sure that you eat something nutritious before heading to the gym. Moreover, while working out, do not try to go on a diet or starve yourself – this will lead you nowhere. Ensure that all foods eaten provide the right amount of calories and nutrients for your body to function correctly and lose fat while working out.

Understanding How Many Calories You Burn Through Working Out

You can choose different exercises for yourself, but according to Perry Adam Lieber, the most common ones include running, cycling, jumping rope, or using an elliptical machine. Each of those will burn a different number of calories. It is very important to determine how many calories your workout provides to eat the right foods and not go overboard with your portions. For example: if running on the treadmill burns about 300 kcal in 30 minutes and if you eat 2000 kcal per day – it means that after a run, you still have enough energy for another 4 hours of resting.

Start Small

Each workout session should start with warming up. You can do so by running slowly on the spot for 5 minutes or doing some basic stretches, whatever you feel comfortable with. Then, move to your chosen exercise and keep it around 30-45 minutes long (longer if you are well trained). When you feel like you have enough, stop exercising! Do not push yourself too hard because this will lead to injuries.

As mentioned earlier, there are many different exercises that one can choose from to get started working out. It is very important that you know how many calories each provides so that you do not go overboard with food intake before every workout session.

Listen to Music to Get The Blood Pumping

Music is a great way to get motivated and lose yourself in your workout. It also has other benefits, such as making you go faster (your rhythm will be different if you listen to classical music than rock or rap).

Keep trying and do not give up too easily – it is very important that you manage to stay at least 30 minutes working out with intensity and try to push yourself every time! Do not give up if it feels too hard, but rather stick until it gets easier.

Don’t Think People Are Judging You

They are not. Nobody judges you in the gym when your legs are shaking after squats or when your arms are trembling with 20kg weights in hand. People are too focused on themselves to care about anything else. It is even beneficial for them because seeing someone at their limits will motivate them to push harder.

Find a Time That Works For You

Every day is different, and some people can work out early in the morning. Others prefer doing it right after work. It very much depends on you what time would be best for your schedule. However, make sure that you can set up an exact time to start exercising because it will help motivate you to go to the gym and stay there until you finish your workout session.

Enjoy The New You!

As soon as you feel confident enough, start enjoying all new things that become available to you – such as wearing tight clothes without thinking about how they look or trying on something new at stores just because it looks nice even if it is not necessarily practical. Your body will naturally attract attention from other people who will praise your hard work and dedication.

However, according to Perry Adam Lieber, all of these benefits will have no meaning if you keep thinking people are watching you. Just get over it! They are not judging you because they are too busy with their own business to notice anything around them. All in all, listen to your body and do not give up easily – it is very important that you manage to stay at least 30 minutes working out with intensity and try to push yourself every time! Do not give up if it feels too hard, but rather stick until it gets easier. Once you get used to your new routine, everything will be much better.