Plant Based Vitamins: Are They Good For You?

Plant Based Vitamins: Are They Good For You?

Many of the biggest diet fads these days result in people not getting the kinds of vitamins and minerals every body needs. But, whether you are vegan, or just following the latest diet trend, there is now a way to get the kinds of nutrients your body needs to function optimally. I’m talking about plant based vitamins, and they are making some big waves in the field of nutrition science and dietary lifestyles. Maybe you have seen these new kinds of multivitamins, they look like something grown right out of the earth, that’s because they are made from nothing but plant material and they include all of the vitamins and minerals we need on a daily basis. So, let’s talk all about plant based vitamins: are they good for you?

The big difference between these new plant based vitamins and the kinds of vitamins many of us are used to is the ingredients. It is the ingredients that make the plant based vitamins look like real food stuff compared to the colored square tablets we have been taking for years. And what a difference these real ingredients make. Using real food to power plant based vitamins means our bodies can actually absorb the nutrients that are packed into them. Not only that, but our bodies will be able to digest these plant based tablets without any negative effects, such as an upset stomach or heartburn. All natural ingredients make plant based vitamins the clear better choice for people of every walk of life.

Traditional vitamins use synthetic ingredients that mimic what the nutrients we get from our food do for our bodies. This synthetic material may look similar from a chemical structure point of view, but the results are much different than what real food does for us. These synthesized compounds that make up the ingredients list of traditional vitamins can never replicate the beneficial effects of real, natural food. Our bodies can tell the difference, and the way we absorb real food is always going to be more efficient and we get faster results with real food based nutrients. In fact, no one can say for certain that chemically synthesized vitamins and minerals are even half as good as plant based, all natural plant based vitamins.

You have to ask yourself, where did my vitamin come from? What does it look like? How is it built? What is inside of my vitamin? And, who are they made for? One look at a plant based vitamin and you can easily see why this is the vitamin trend of the future. They look like a lump of kale with some chia seeds baked in. But, reading the ingredients list is like seeing a farm’s vegetables listed right there on the label. It is this all natural approach to ingredients and processing that make plant based vitamins stand out in the vitamin crowd. And, if you are thinking maybe these plant based vitamins don’t have everything we need on a daily basis, think again. They are packed with natural antioxidants, omega 3s, and flavonoids, making them potent little natural food powerhouses.

You can be sure you are getting the full benefits of nature when you take a plant based vitamin, the proof is how you feel, not only immediately after, but for months to come. In fact, the full benefits of plant based vitamins don’t fully come into fruition for several months down the road, but the results are very impressive. You will begin to see blood and organ health, and bone strength in about 26 weeks, after that you will have established a healthy lifestyle, and your health benefits will soar. I hope you are convinced to try some plant based vitamins in the near future, your body will thank you if you do!