Fitness woman doing stretch exercise stretching her arms - tricep and shoulders stretch wearing a smartwatch activity tracker. Women stretching for warming up before running or working out.

Prepare the Body Before and After Workout

Starting a workout the correct way helps people get optimal results for their efforts. Exercise and healthy eating are directly related to overall health and well-being. However, men and women have unique goals, so the pre-workout needs to take that into account. Women, for example, typically want to achieve lean body mass and should choose a pre-workout designed for women.

“So many women are scared to take supplements, especially pre-workouts. The truth it, once you learn the benefits you will realize how handy they can be in helping you achieve your fitness goals,” according to the Best Pre-workout for Women website.

What Does a Pre-workout Do?

pre-workout supplement energizes the mind and body. Feeding the body nutrients gears it up for a productive workout. Examples include L-carnitine, caffeine and creatine, which stimulate muscles and boost metabolism. For optimal impact, take a pre-workout supplement 15 to 30 minutes before beginning a workout such as weightlifting or track runs.

Effective supplements keep the body hydrated. When people forget to drink water throughout the day, a dehydrated body tires more quickly, making it difficult to finish a workout. Pre-workouts prevent this performance issue by giving the body the fluids it craves. Having a glass or two of water before a hard workout extends productive time in the gym as well.

To further prepare muscles for work, a snack 1 to 1.5 hours prior to training pumps the liver and bloodstream with accessible glucose. This ensures the muscles produce ATP energy just when it’s most needed. A pre-workout supplement like whey protein infuses muscles with amino acids and ATP energy to facilitate rapid recovery.

Loosen Joints and Get the Blood Flowing

Loosen joints and connective tissue before the workout. This can prevent injuries by preparing tendons, joints and ligaments for the flexibility needed during intense training. To do this, simply stretch out the muscle groups that are targeted in the gym session. Stretching helps the body move through each exercise fluidly.

On the other hand, jumping in “cold” increases the risks of cramps and injury. Complete a pre-workout warm-up that sends blood pumping to the extremities and muscles. This also positions the body for a more intense energy-burning mode.


A pre-workout routine that prepares the body helps weekend and evening athletes maximize their time at the gym. Whether weight loss or lean muscle mass is the primary goal, women should develop a comprehensive routine that becomes second nature.

As discussed, a great pre-workout routine includes warming up the muscles and increasing flexibility with stretches. Often, gym-goers find that a pre-workout meal accompanied by an energy supplement prepares their entire body for a more intensive workout. Taking the time to develop these routines makes all the difference when it comes to measurable training results.