Protecting Your Family as the World Continues to Open up From Quarantine

As of early October 2020, there are over 35 million novel coronavirus cases documented. Some areas are hit harder than others, but in most places, some type of quarantine has been put into effect.

While every part of the world will do it differently, one thing rings true for everywhere: we will eventually open up from quarantine. And when we do, you want to make sure your family is protected.

Want to learn more? Then read on to find out how to safeguard your loved ones in this difficult time.

Only Go Out When Necessary

Even if quarantine measures are lifted, you still want to only go out when necessary. A vaccine hasn’t been developed yet, which means you still face catching this virus and potentially suffering serious effects on your health.

Of course, you should go out to get some fresh air and exercise, plus run necessary errands. But stay indoors as much as you can. Think of it as some extra time to bond with your family!

Keep up Social Distancing

If you must go out, then make sure to keep your distance from people. This is the most effective way to protect yourself. If you’re properly distanced from others, then the chances of their saliva droplets reaching you are minimal.

Wear Face Masks

In some cases, it can be practically impossible to keep your distance from those who are outside. If that’s the case, then you should definitely wear face masks. The entire family can get ones that fit; you can even purchase kids’ face masks in bulk.

Make sure you use them correctly. They must go over your nose and fit snugly. Plus, you shouldn’t touch them or take them off for any reason, except when you dispose of the masks when you get to your destination.

Practice Good Hygiene

You’ll want to ensure that your family is practicing good hygiene. Refrain from touching your face and keep contact with public surfaces to a minimum.

If you do touch anything while out, especially after using the bathroom, make sure to wash your hands for at least 20 seconds with warm water and soap. If you don’t have access to running water, then use hand sanitizer. It’s a good idea to give each family member their own little bottle so you can minimize touch in this aspect as well.

Keep Your Family Safe After Quarantine

Now you have a bunch of great ideas to put into place as the world continues to open up from quarantine.

While you can certainly protect your family with these tips, the best thing is to stay inside as much as you can. You should at least do this until there’s a vaccine, as there is always a risk of catching the coronavirus whenever you’re outside and exposed. So stay safe and safeguard your loved ones!

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