Putting Your Best Look Forward For Spring Begins With Your Skin

“Beautiful skin requires a commitment, not a miracle,” said Erno Laszlo.  This is the first step in putting one’s best look forward for spring – and in fact, any season.  From advertising campaigns to store shelves to online purchasing, we are inundated with a bevvy of information about our skin; when, in reality, one thing remains constant: skin that is properly taken care of is a great success story.

Here are some fun facts about your skin you probably didn’t know.  Some might even come up in trivia games like HQ,, while others are just interesting tidbits to consider when making that “commitment” to your own skin care regimen.  

  • The skin is our body’s largest organ, covering the equivalent of 2 square meters of space.
  • Your skin accounts for 15-18 percent of your body weight, depending on your body shape and type.
  • Your skin is the thinnest on your eyelids.  
  • Your skin typically holds more than 1,100 species of bacteria at any given moment, and sheds them constantly.  This happens without you ever even knowing it.
  • Your overall health changes when your skin changes.
  • And finally, the majority of skin care is now purchased online.

Realizing why it’s so important to take care of our skin is the first step.  Natural skin care is the premier way to go, according to experts in the industry.  Abha Saraswat, the Founder and CEO of Sano Naturals (http://www.sanonaturals.com) notes that “when you take care of your skin the way nature intended, you see the benefits for the short-term and the long-term.”  

Saraswat, who created the Sano Naturals skin care line after realizing it was the only way she could take control and change her own skin, has made it her mission is to help others with similar challenges.  “I used to believe that makeup was the only way I could hide my skin and look better,” said Saraswat, “until I created a protocol which combined real science and nature to repair, nourish, and change my own skin.  Once I accomplished this, I realized that it could also help others; thus, Sano was born.”

This is in keeping with the American Society of Dermatologic Surgery (ASDS), who promotes constant, seasonal skin care health.  For the spring months ASDS recommends knowing and understanding your skin type, and remembering to use sunscreen on a daily basis.  ASDS also recommends moisturizing to help protect against the elements, and using products that help enhance moisture and regeneration.  

This includes products like Sano’s Korean Beauty Mask, which was created from the ground up, and was formulated for all skin types.  It exfoliates and encourages skin to replenish and repair, while removing harmful toxins and bacteria trapped in it. As a “couple of times per week product” it is an excellent, natural way to pamper skin.  As with any exfoliation or mask product, the Sano mask should be followed up with a moisturizer. Because the skin is clean and new, it is the perfect time the harness and trap the moisturizer, and garner the best benefits from it.

Because spring is a time when skin begins to leave winter hibernation, it is even more important to put our best skin forward.  Skin does change with the seasons but it also changes with our body chemistry. Remember, for many, Spring is also the beginning of allergy season, and a great time to remove toxins from our system through proper care.  Just as our bodies need a workout, so does our skin. Being healthy – and beautiful — begins with our skin and radiates from the outside in.