Reasons for pregnancy after 40 to gain popularity

Some things that were considered strange only 20 years ago have become a normal tendency today. Several years ago it was difficult to find a woman after 40 who wants to give birth to a child. Today a 40-year-old woman can get pregnant as easily as find a writer at A couple of efforts and a desirable result is already achieved. Moreover, with the rat race of our life, many women forget about their main life goal to become mothers and switch on the alarm when it turns out to be late. No wonder more and more some take advantage of the modern innovations in fertility and get pregnant when their first half of life has already passed.

CBC news reported that people have already faced a revolution in the childbirth as in 2013 the number of babies born to women over 40 exceeded the number of infants born by teenagers in Canada. That means that technology does influence the fertility leave making it possible for women of this honored age to get pregnant and give birth to healthy babies. Why have women come to the conclusion to have children so late? The reasons are quite different.

  1. Change in the life goals

Times, when women were adored and maintained by men, have already passed. The modern world gets more feministic and ladies want to regain the same power obtained by men. In a constant struggle to achieve heights like awesome career or wealth women’s goal to become a mother is down-ranked. The most disappointing thing is when all the efforts to build a successful career and huge sums of money on bank accounts appear to be useless without a baby that could have been your prolongation.

  1. Hope for modern medicine

It is not surprising to hear that even the most unbelievable cases of pregnancy take place today. Thanks to IVF thousands of women have got hope to become mothers in a different age that is why they postpone this experience for later being confident that modern medicine is as powerful as God. Unfortunately, only 10% of all IVF cases finish with pregnancy so is it worth hoping?

  1. Late understanding of motherhood significance

A modern tendency not to “spoil” your life with all those challenges and difficulties faced by mothers makes many women refuse from having kids when they can do that. They reach everything they could wish, get old and understand that everything they have is nothing in comparison with the happiness every mother feels next to her children. However, it may be late already.

A woman who is 40 already has enough life experience to estimate what is important for her. When she comes to the conclusion that it is a child, she makes all possible efforts to give birth to her own baby. Even lack of ovulation eggs and inconsistency in menstrual cycle are not an obstacle, so there is no need to wonder why so many women give birth to children only when they step over the 40-year limit.