Why You Should Subscribe To Regular Dental Cleanings

Visiting the dentist
has become a task that many put off for weeks, months, and years. Several
people have even formed a negative perception regarding visiting the dentist
and this has contributed immensely to the continued dental health problems
among the population. While many dental clinics like Golsen Family Dentistry are striving
to create the best dental care and treatment experience for patients, it is
important to understand how much impact oral health has on overall health.

According to the American
Dental Association, it is recommended that you visit your dentist at least
twice a year for dental checkups and cleanings. Many people have come to
question the recommendation of a routine visit to the dentist once every six
months, especially as they choose other tasks over a visit to the dentist.

However, regular
dental visits expose you to a wide range of benefits which overall culminates
in an improved quality of life, improved appearance, health, and smile. Regular
dental visits can help you ensure that your teeth and gums stay healthy as the
dentist can during this visit point out dental conditions in the early stages
and recommend management or treatment plans.

Routine dental visits
constitute an important part of preventative dental care and this plays an
important role in oral health, supporting total mouth and body hygiene.

Wondering why you
should still go in for your next routine dental examination? Read below:

–  What Do I Get During A Routine Dental Visit?

While dental clinics differ in the way their activities are run, the services provided to a patient during routine dental visits are pretty simple and straightforward. Being a preventative approach to keep your oral health in top condition, the dentists at Golsen Family Dentistry will ask some questions during the checkup visit in order to help them establish if you have had any difficulties with your oral health. During the dental visit, a complete dental examination will also be conducted, evaluating the patient’s gums, head, neck, and other areas. Examinations are meant to ensure that a patient’s oral health has not been compromised. In addition, oral examinations can ensure that dental conditions are easily detected in its early stages to avoid complications.

The dentist will also
examine the patient’s mouth for any sign of diabetes, cancer, vitamin
deficiencies and more.

– What Are The Areas That Will Be Focused On?

During your dental
visit, your dentist is interested in ensuring that you are indeed free from
oral health conditions that may compromise the quality of your life, or cause
you pain and discomfort. As part of the comprehensive examination, the dentist
will pay attention to these areas:

I. Head And Neck Region: this
may include an examination of the face, neck, lymph nodes for possible
swelling, and examination of the lower jaw joints for TMJs.

Ii.Teeth And Gums: this may include an
examination of the gums for signs of gum disease, investigation for loose teeth
and tissues inside the mouth, tongue examination, checking for broken, cracked
or chipped teeth, check for damaged fillings, possible dental x-rays and more.

Iii. Dental Cleaning: which includes
removal of plaque or tartar, observation of oral hygiene and cleanliness of the
gum and teeth, dental flossing, and more.

– Why Should I Seek Regular Dental Checkups?

There are several
benefits associated with routine dental visits and checkups. Aside from being
one of the best ways to safeguard yourself from any real threat, it is also one
of the best ways to catch dental conditions which may otherwise affect the
quality of your life at its early stage.

Below are some of the
benefits you stand to gain from regular dental checkups.

I. Lowers The Risk Of Dementia: Dental hygiene is connected with the risks of dementia. Poor
dental hygiene can increase a patient’s chances of dementia diagnosis by as
much as 65%. A recent study revealed that people with missing teeth and without
dentures are 90% more likely to suffer from dementia compared to others.

Ii. Early Detection Of Bad Bites: As a preventative dentistry practice, a regular visit to the
dentist can help you catch bad dental habits faster and help you correct them.
With proper dental attention, you stand a chance of getting proper attention to
cases of bad bites, crooked teeth, crossbites, underbites, overbites and other
dental conditions that can significantly affect the quality of your life. Early
correction can improve digestion as it will improve your ability to chew food

Iii. Detect Oral Cancer: Oral
cancer developed in its early stages increases the chances of survival by a
wide margin. With regular dental cleaning and checkup, the doctor will be able
to diagnose this condition fast and treatments can begin.

Iv. Helps Control Halitosis: bad
breath is a turn off for most people. Bad breath may be caused by a number of
reasons primarily, bad oral health and hygiene. Regular visits can help you
deal with this condition better.