Right Diet as the Key to Virility, Fertility, and Great Sex

man and woman eating strawberryResearchers from Binghampton University have recently proven that one’s diet directly affects mood. That’s another precious piece of evidence that supports a very simple rule. If what you eat affects your body in certain ways, you can control it by eating the right things. That’s how men can boost their virility, fertility, and sexual function as a whole by changing their diet.

Note that aside from knowing what to eat all the time, and what to use when you need a bit of an extra kick, you also must consider foods to avoid. A well-planned diet can be a complete game-changer for a man of any age.

Foods to Eat on the Best Virility Diet

  • Coffee.
    A study published in PLOS ONE indicates that drinking 2-3 cups of coffee a day reduces the risk of erectile dysfunction.
  • Chili peppers.
    Capsaicin, the element that makes chili peppers ‘hot’ helps boost testosterone levels in a natural and healthy way. Instead of overstimulating the production of male hormone, which directly ties to the control of your virility, this chemical affects kidneys. This means it reduces the amount of testosterone flushed from the body, so you get the desired effect without a hormone-production distortion in the brain.
  • Fish.
    Fish is good not only for a virility diet because it gives you essential omega 3 fatty acids. However, men benefit from not only the anti-inflammatory effects of fish oil. A long-term study from the International Journal of Fertility & Sterility also states that regular intake of fish (or fish oil) improves the quality and quantity of sperm.
  • Watermelon.
    A study published on ScienceDaily proves that watermelon has an effect on the body similar to Viagra. It’s milder, but eating about six slices should show a noticeable improvement in erectile dysfunction. This happens because watermelons contain citrulline, a compound that makes your blood vessels relax.

Enhancements for Your Daily Virility Diet

Eating foods mentioned above, as well as maintaining an overall healthy diet full of veggies and lean meat is sure to help with erectile dysfunction prevention. However, what do you do on the days when you need some extra virility, like a romantic weekend with your sweetheart?

On the times when you need all extra help you can get, you should try combining supplements with most potent virility boosting foods. When looking for supplements, the best option is all-natural products, like Erexa-tropin. Choose a product that is tested, produced by a reliable manufacturer, and comes with multiple real positive reviews.

The extra-potent virility boosting foods include oysters, ginger, and walnuts. Don’t forget about almonds, which contain arginine, the compound, which acts similar to Viagra. You can also enhance your romantic evening with delicious cherries paired with dark chocolate, both of which improve blood vessel dilation. This means they act similar to a natural Viagra.

Combine all these foods for achieving maximum effect as natural virility boosters work slower. However, that ‘slower’ comes with the huge benefit of not being harmful to your health.

Foods to Avoid on a Virility Diet

Bear in mind that as certain foods can improve your sexual health, there are products that can negate their effects. In fact, some foods outright increase the risks of erectile dysfunction and other problems that affect your sexual performance.

The main ‘offenders’ among those are Cola (and sugary sodas in general), soy, processed meats, fat dairy products, fried and deep-fried foods. Above all else, stay away from alcohol on the nights when you need to ‘give your best performance’. While it might lower your inhibitions, it also lowers the sexual prowess. So stick to 1-2 glasses of light wine or champagne. This will make your special nights more memorable in every sense.