SARMS; What Is It? Benefits And Side Effects

The selective androgen receptor modulator,
also known as SARM, is becoming the biggest fever on the internet with the
promise of effects similar to anabolic steroids but without the side effects.

If you are natural and you think that your
results are not good, you are a little bit afraid of anabolic steroids and
their side effects, it seems like a promise from the gods.

are SARMs?

SARMs which are also referred to as MRSA are
selective receptor modulators, so you can block or stimulate the same hormone
receptors under different conditions, and may be able to increase some
beneficial effects and minimize some harmful effects on your body. The SARMs
were created with the purpose of treating a disease, such as chronic fatigue,
loss of muscle mass, bone loss and anemia. Being a healthier alternative than
conventional anabolic steroids.

Simply explaining, SARMs promise to produce
their effects directly on muscles, fat cells and bones. In theory, it does not
cause side effects in other organs such as hypertrophy of the prostate,
hypertrophy of the heart, problems in the liver and other organs. SARMs are
non-toxic, thus eliminating the use of other drugs against side effects that
conventional anabolic agents cause during and after the cycle. However, some
sarcomas such as mk-2866 which is popularly known as ostarine, and
ligandrol may cause hormone axis uncontrolled if it is used in large amounts or
for long periods, having to do post cycle therapy.

of SARMs

There are several types of SARMs that are
being marketed in the world today. Usually, you will find plenty of imported SARMs.

The most known SARMs are:

LGD-4033 (ligandrol)

MK-2866 or gtx-024 (ostarine)


GSX-007 or s-4 (andarine);

It is very common for you to find on some
websites, seeing the gw-501516 (cardarine) being sold as a SARM, but the
cardarine is a ppar-delta agonist (receptors activated by peroxisome
proliferators), and not a SARM (selective androgen receptor modulator).

Ppar-delta is a nuclear hormone receptor that
regulates many of the important bodily functions and processes, including fatty
acid metabolism.

Should I Take SARM?

As already mentioned, SARMs have an effect
similar to anabolic steroids, but without the effective side effects such as:

hypertrophy of the prostate

male pattern baldness



high blood pressure

hepatic toxicity

good cholesterol imbalance

hypertrophy of the heart

SARMS Do Not Have These Side Effects, It Remains Beneficial.

Benefits of SARMs


great for strength

lean mass gains

body recomposition

aerobic resistance

consumed orally (tablets or beads)

no conversion to DHT

no conversion to estrogen

no hepatic toxicity

How to take SARMs?

The SARMs can be found in the forms of
tablets and in liquid form. Using dropper, they can be consumed orally.
Usually, the bottle lasts for 30 days if taken as recommended by the
manufacturer. The SARMs can be used in cycles of different goals, both for
burning fat and gaining muscle mass. Ligandrol and ostarine are widely used in
cycles for lean mass gain. SARMs can also be associated with dietary
supplements like whey protein, maltodextrin, and creatine.

SARMs really work?

SARMs were meant to be a powerful,
non-steroidal bodybuilding supplement to improve lean muscle mass, reduce body
fat, and maintain the overall physical body. There are selective for anabolic
activity in certain cases and are great for maintaining and increasing lean body
mass and recompilation. There are good for bone tissue, intended to cure
osteoporosis and will not produce the development of the prostate and other
secondary sexual organs. Some can also be used for weight loss, as they burn
fat and prevents muscle loss thereby increasing mass gain. It will help you
take your training to the next level. SARMs grow and strengthen the muscles. It
is a substance that helps inhibit myostatin, which is a protein that blocks
muscle growth and strength. There are usually orally administered and is
designed to stimulate the pituitary gland to release the growth hormones.

Selective androgen receptor modulators, SARMs
are a novel class of androgen receptor ligands. They are made to have the exact
kind of effects as the usual androgenic drugs but are much more selective in
their action. They affect only specific parts of the body, unlike the
androgenic drug, thereby reducing the risk of side effects, making them more
beneficial. This allows them to be used more than the relatively limited
legitimate uses of anabolic steroids. This was what they were built for, and
this is exactly what they do.