Sunscreen suntan lotion spray skincare product woman putting tanning oil on her legs. Sunblock or mosquito repellent bottle spraying on body sunbathing at beach summer vacation.

Seasonable Summer Skincare

Summer months are oppressively hot. People remember to apply sunscreen, but not always how to take care of their skin outside of protecting it from the beaming sun. With summer approaching, the good news is that there is time to prepare.

Extra Exfoliation

Exfoliation scrubs away dead skin, protecting pores from clogging and allows for a moisturizers’ magic to take full effect. Toners and moisturizer help with smoother skin and leaves a fresh glow in their wake.

The enchanting part of exfoliation is that makeup stays on longer and skin remains healthy with a shimmer. Exfoliating before applying toner in the morning, sunscreen, and makeup will keep skin healthy even in the blazing rays of the sun. Always remember to apply hydrating skin cream after exfoliation to keep the clearer, smoother look and feel of skin.

Skin Hydration 101

Intensive face masques take moisturizing to a new level. Once or twice a week adding masques improves overall skin health because of the rigorous regime keeps skin hydrated. Boosters are also part of a thorough skincare routine. Applying a booster under a moisturizer adds another layer of skin health.

Another method of keeping an all-day moisturizing is retaining revitalizing toner spritz handy in a desk, purse, or locker. A few sprays throughout the day and skin stays hydrated, and makeup keeps the shimmer it held when first applying it.

Water is Your Friend

The blazing sun causes more than skin to lose hydration. Internal dehydration is dangerous and causes severe reactions.

The recommended water intake is eight 8-ounce glasses a day. The water intake, along with fresh fruit juices is a guarantee that skin and body remain hydrated, healthy, and happyPlain, purified water is the best way to go about hydration.

Drinking caffeinated drinks throughout a day will also dehydrate skin and bodyTriple the water intake is the only way to counteract drying out because of the caffeine.

Apply, Apply, Apply

Only sunscreen is not going to be enough. Applying it once and not reapplying while in the sun for hours is a common mistake. balance exists between reapplying and using enough to keep skin safe from the sun.

The recommended amount is about a teaspoon for the face while an ordinary shot glass is an amount to apply to the rest of a body. The same advice goes for children when slathering them with sunscreen.

Midday sun is the worst at drinking up hydrationAvoiding it is best, but not always possible. Applying sunscreen should be done every two hours at the least.

Soothing the Sun’s Scorch

Over-exposed skin is seemingly the sun’s target. Sometimes the exposure is not avoidable. Other times, people forget to apply or reapply sunscreen. Sun damage does not take into account the reasons, only the damage.

A cooling gel alongside moisturizer and botanicals is the best treatment for sunburn. It also helps to avoid a peeling of the damaged layer of skin.

The bottom line is that the summer sun causes damage. Sunscreen and hydration are crucial to skincare during the dog days of summer.