Seeing Things Blurry? The Reason May Not Be What You Think

A lot of people experience blurry vision at some point their lives.  In many cases it may be because you need glasses; or require corrective surgery, however, it may not always be the solution.

Having difficulty seeing clearly doesn’t always mean that you have Sometimes the cause of seeing things blurred could be a result of other issues. Unfortunately, in many cases the reason many quite serious.  Therefore, you should get your eyes checked as soon as possible if you notice a problem.

Dry Eyes

Many people suffer from blurred vision due to dry eyes.  Try to apply eye drops if you’re seeing things blurry.  If it makes a difference, then you know what the problem is.

When your eye isn’t lubricated enough, it’s like looking through a dirty windshield.  In order to clear away the muck, you need to properly hydrate your eyes. In addition to applying eye drops, you should also try to blink as much as possible.

If you spend a lot of time in front of screens, whether it’s watching TV or working on a computer, it can reduce the number of times that you blink.  Therefore, it’s crucial that you take plenty of breaks from activities like these if you’re seeing blurry.

Poor Night’s Sleep

Lack of sleep can cause serious strain on your body, particularly your eyes.  When you don’t sleep, enough your eye muscles are overworked. Your eyes will likely seriously dry out as well.

If you sleep in a strange position such as face down, you may put unnecessary pressure on your eyes.  The same goes for sleeping with your arm on your face which could lead to the same result. When you wake up, your tissues may be overly compressed, and a result you’ll see blurry.


Most people know that a certain amount of alcohol can result in seeing things blurry.  In addition to alcohol, certain medications can also have the same effect. You may have a reaction to the chemicals which decrease your ability to see clearly.

Antihistamines, in particular, have been linked to an increased chance of glaucoma.  So, if you’re experiencing blurry vision and are currently taking any medications, then call your doctor to rule out whether it may be the cause.

Dirty Contacts

People who wear contacts are instructed to clean their lenses regularly.  However, most people’s contacts aren’t as clean as they might like to think.

The reason for this is often because people fall asleep with their contact lenses in.  As a result, they are coated with gunk which blurs vision. Trying to see through dirty contacts is like trying to see through glasses with cooking oil rubbed all over them.  Therefore, avoid sleeping your contacts at all costs if you notice you’ve been seeing things blurry lately.