Should You Hire an Online Personal Trainer?

The idea of having a personal trainer is pretty good for most people especially due to the chance of getting custom programming without guesswork and expert coaching. While that is good, it has become a little difficult these days for one to find time to work with a coach on a one-on-one basis. As a result, trainers are now offering these services via online platforms such as Skype and email among several others. Today, there are closed Facebook groups and applications like MakeMe that are largely used to train people on how to stay fit.

Even with the trend of online fitness programs, do you really need to join the club? Well, it depends on a number of things. There is a reason why some people choose having an online personal trainer and based on that, you need to establish whether you need such. Every person has different needs hence the choice how they will go about their personal training courses. Here is why you may need an online personal trainer:

Emphasis on Function over Form

In a one-on-one engagement, the emphasis is on form and more especially on the results you want to have at that moment. However, with an online personal trainer, the emphasis is on function: it is like a diet. There will be both Pre-recorded videos and a one-on-one guidance happening online. You will get to learn more about what you need to do to attain the fitness you need and the function of whatever exercises you will do. You will exactly know why you are doing certain exercises in an organized way rather than chasing the results without understanding the reasons behind it.


A good reason that would make you consider going for an online personal trainer is matters to do with cost. At a regular gym, the costs are relatively higher than taking part in online sessions. When you are not able to attend a session due to illness or because of other reasons, you may not get a refund for it because they disengaged from other activities to be with you. The case is different with an online personal trainer where you only get to pay a fraction of what is paid in a regular gym. Online sessions are also available to other clients and should you miss, there is no harm.

There is no Micromanaging

One-on-one sessions in the gym can be intimidating especially where the instructor keeps critiquing and inspecting every move you make. If you are not comfortable with this, then the online sessions are best for you. When you want to be at ease to with your fitness training, then that could be a reason enough to go the online way. It is human to feel that a trainer is peeking on you every time you are at the gym. If you can’t concentrate, it would be better to get an online personal trainer.

In an online setting, there is enough breathing space. You don’t have to be worried about the trainer being on your case all the time. When there is not much focus on your moves being perfected, you can actually perform better.

Training with Flexibility

Working with an online personal trainer is more convenient than going out to the gym in unfavorable weather. Going out to the gym where you will be required to drive through heavy traffic to get to your destination can be overwhelming at times. How about the convenience of working with an online personal trainer from the comfort of your house? It will provide you with a perfect solution of what you need to stay fit without much trouble of going to the gym.

With an online personal trainer, you can log in to your session wherever and at a time of your choice. You won’t get beaten by cold weather nor hassle with the cold outside. There is no problem with going to the gym but if it is a challenge for you, this is a perfect option for you.

Get Help Instantly

In a normal gym setting, chances of getting answers to your questions are minimal especially because you get to ask them during the planned appointments. You will wait until the next session to ask about something that you may have thought over during the night after a session. That isn’t the case with having an online personal trainer where answers can be provided via email or through other means as desired.

The question of whether you need an online personal trainer or not is depends on you. Here are good reasons to consider. 

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