Simple Ways To Get a New Look Starting Today!

Getting a new look isn’t as dramatic, drastic and hard as you think. Truthfully, there are a few ways you can work to improve your physical appearance in small steps. Consider these simple ways to get started today.

1. Drink more water.

Most people are walking around with dehydrated bodies. This is why so many people reach for the grilled cheese sandwich instead of the water bottle. It is easy for the mind to trick you into thinking you’re hungry when you’re really thirsty. By the time you feel parched, you’re already dehydrated. Create a schedule and drink water throughout the day. Fill a gallon of water in the morning and drink it throughout the day. In the beginning of this process, you’ll probably visit the bathroom a lot. However, it’s worth it.

2. Exercise more.

Commit to moving your body on a consistent basis. If you lead a sedentary lifestyle, start by walking every day. Find a few hand-held weights and do a few exercises using the proper squat form for ten minutes. Always work in increments and stages. If you work out three days a week, ramp it up to five days a week. If you work out consistently already, start trying new exercises. If you love CrossFit workouts, switch things up by trying a cardio dance class like Zumba. Variety is the spice of life.

3. Get the right hairstyle.

Take a look at celebrities like Rihanna and Jennifer Anniston. They had iconic haircuts that changed their careers. If you’d like to experience a difference in your physical appearance, you might want to consider changing your hairstyle. Find a hairdresser who can give you a fresh and new look. Sometimes, a color and cut can transform your look and give you the confidence boost you didn’t know you needed.

4. Work on your smile.

A smile is inviting and attracts people to you. A smile communicates that you’re approachable and there’s nothing to be afraid of. Plus, a smile brightens up your face. Start by smiling more. Be cognizant of your face when you’re sitting in traffic or doing odd jobs. If you naturally have a resting face that’s unpleasant, start thinking positive thoughts. As you develop that tradition, you’ll tend to feel better and smile more. It’s also good to consider improving your smile through using a whitening system if your teeth are discolored. If they’re crooked, you can also consider trying braces for a smile you’re most proud of.