Six Ways Health Impacts Your Hygiene and Appearance

Most people understand that hygiene can affect health. What some people do not know is that health can affect hygiene too. Poor health and hygiene can combine and change the appearance of a person. Some of these changes are temporary while others can be permanent. Health can impact hygiene and appearance in five ways.

Skin Blemishes, Rashes and Lesions

Poor health due to bad nutrition, certain diseases or harmful personal habits can directly affect the appearance of the skin. The skin can respond to poor health by forming noticeable red blemishes on the face, hands and arms. Rashes and acne could form on the body. Some diseases or long-term poor health can result in lesions on the skin that grow and spread over time. This can dramatically affect appearance.

Pain Prevents Good Hygiene

Some health issues like injuries, serious diseases and a bad diet can actually cause sensitivity or pain throughout the body. This could result in periodontal disease that affects the teeth. Joint inflammation could make cutting nails, taking a shower or using hygiene products more difficult. The result can be long periods without good hygiene. This can cause a disheveled and unhealthy appearance as well as body odor and bad breath.

Discolored or Missing Teeth

Periodontal disease is actually a serious health problem that can affect the teeth and body. Gum disease can permanently discolor teeth. It could also cause teeth to move in the mouth or become loose and fall out. It causes bleeding. The pain can make brushing difficult. Orthodontists like those at can help to prevent periodontal disease by straightening teeth. Eating a healthy diet including high levels of calcium and vitamin D will help as well.

Hair Loss

Limited mobility from bad health or a disease like diabetes can make it inconvenient or impossible to bathe regularly or perform other hygiene tasks. This can cause oils on the skin and scalp to flood sebaceous glands. It could drown the hair root or block the follicle. It could also harden in the scalp. This lack of hygiene can potentially cause significant hair loss.

Premature Aging

Poor health puts stress on the entire body. This affects hormone production and other normal biological processes. The result can be premature aging. A lack of collagen production can cause the face to appear sunken, dry and dark. Wrinkles can start to appear around the eyes and mouth. Premature aging due to serious health problems is hard to reverse.

Baggy Eyes

This is an obvious one to both you and the people around you. Ever heard someone say “you look tired”? It’s probably a reference to bay eyes. There is one very easy way to fix this—Sleep. Getting enough sleep will not only make you look more alert, it has many health benefits such as being more mentally alert and more likely to take the time to do things such as exercise and eat well.

Looking good isn’t just about what you can change on the inside, it is also about the inner changes that have an effect on your outer appearance. So, stop worrying about getting the right face soap and makeup and start taking healthy steps that will let your naturally beauty shine.