Spotting the Difference between Dry and Dehydrated Skin

Water is needed by the body in order to promote normal functioning. It is a top requirement in order to live a longer life and lack of it delivers a whole lot of unpleasant effects. Having a shortage of this substance in our body can drive our systems to damage and the skin would be the first to mirror deep-seated health conditions. Our skin may not be able to shout for help but could manifest various skin issues from simple to severe conditions and those are what we have to watch out for.

Spotting the Difference between Dry and Dehydrated Skin
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Spot the difference

A dry or dehydrated skin may either be a temporary or life-long concern for people who are not so much fond of drinking water. However, before dealing with any issue, you have to know how both differ from the other. Dry skin refers to skin that lacks oil while dehydrated skin lacks moisture in the outermost epidermal layer. The sebaceous oil glands may be normal or overactive even if you have dehydrated skin. This means oily skin may also suffer from dehydration unlike what people of yesteryears have come to know.

Therefore, both skin conditions may evidently show:

  • Itchiness that leads to irritation due to hyper sensitivity towards several environmental elements or food.

  • Tightness that can cause skin breakage once stretched or peeled.

  • Roughness which gives in to flaking or scaling.

  • Wrinkles and fine lines that may appear not only on the face and neck but the entire body as well.

How these conditions are derived

There are many culprits that lead the skin to damage. Staying under the sun without protection from UV rays plays second fiddle to not having had drank enough water. Having had undergone bouts with illnesses such as vomiting, high fever or diarrhea may also induce dry, dehydrated skin, or both.

People who relocate to another place with a climate that the body is not accustomed to can also be a cause for acquiring these issues. Temperature may be either dry or cold for the skin to bear. It must be noted that the skin can be deprived of moisture due to abrupt temperature changes.

There are also people who may suffer from skin hydration deficiency as a result of excessive sweating. This goes to show that every single drop of perspiration that is emitted by the skin must be replenished to avoid any predicament on our outer body covering. Never forget the effects of excessive coffee and alcohol intake.

Caffeine and alcohol are too much for the body to handle that they are responsible for hurting the skin just as they are capable of promoting diseases. Now, this is where diuretics come in. The more you take in medications that make you urinate more often, the body’s fluid and salt balance becomes upset.


The use of moisturizing products has played an integral part of the daily regimen both men and women employ. However, inappropriate use of several of these extensively advertised products may bring any skin condition to a higher level unless the person submits himself to a thorough skin analysis.

Getting suggestions on treatment and prevention of skin issues from licensed professionals could give you a more beneficial and safe approach. These are the people who know how your problems can be solved, being experts in skin hydration as well as proponents of healthy skin.