Stairlifts do more than add functionally, they preserve your independence

Homeowners because of aging, a disability from either illness or an accident, or businesses wanting to comply with equality and disability laws, could decide to install a stairlift. Let us focus here on the homeowner, as installing such equipment in your own living space can be an emotional decision more than just a functional one, as you might think that stairlifts could be ugly and intrusive, if not an expensive purchase.

Nonetheless, once you have gone through the process and it is installed, you will once again be able to enjoy your home and keep up your independence, unless you want to move into a bungalow or ground floor flat. More so, you will be surprised by the combination of functionality that matches your needs perfectly and a modern design that is appealing to the eye if you select the right supplier.

Start by consulting the advice of an occupational therapist. They will be able to offer you guidance on the best solution for your requirements. Also, speak to someone that you know that owns a stairlift. That way you can get an honest and unbiased opinion about the pros and cons of owning a stairlift. Once you have a good idea of the type of questions you want to ask, approach a reputable stairlift company, such as Handicare. With your quote, ask them for advice and an information pack so you can compare the products before committing.

The main factors that will guide your choice will be the installation area of the stairlift, your movement abilities or any limits you might have, but also the cost of a stair lift.

When it comes to the types of stairlifts available, your supplier will be able to discuss them in terms of your needs. The range of options currently available include the popular seated stairlift that is ideal for anyone that is using an existing mobility aid; or the perch stairlift that are good for people with hip or knee problems and where walking stairs could be difficult, to even the most cost effective option of a straight stairlift. Straight stairlifts, which can be installed in a few hours, can be fitted to the stair railing and not the wall, meaning you do not need to redecorate after installation. Add a battery backup so it can function even during a power failure. An alternative to the straight stairlift would the transfer platform straight staircase. Unlike the straight stairlift, this solution overcomes the issue associated with a landing and people that are unable to transfer from one stairlift to another unassisted.

Another option is the rechargeable, curved stairlifts that are able to go around bends in the staircase, but can also glide across landings. These are slightly more expensive as they are custom-made to fit individual staircases. If the stairlift needs to be on the outside, there is an outdoor option available.  

The benefits of new stairlifts are that they come straight from the manufacturer, will be easy to repair and can give extra peace of mind. However, if costs are a concern there is the option of opting for a reconditioned stairlift. A reconditioned stairlift will cost less; however, the seat and motor have been used before and refurbished.

A stairlift can add functionally to your home, allowing you to preserve your independence in your own home.  More so, a stairlift doesn’t need to be an eyesore of which you are embarrassed about. Instead, with the different types of stairlifts available such as a curved or outdoor stairlift, in a wide colour range, you can proudly invite people over to visit.

Besides this, it is vital that you select a supplier with a good reputation, one that can offer you after sales service, and the best advice for your own needs. To help you select a reliable supplier, look out for one that complies with the British and European standards and that they are an ISO accredited supplier who conforms to the ethical business practices required by the British Healthcare Trades Association, whose code of practice are approved by the Office of Fair Trading. In addition, ideally your supplier should be members of the Lift and Escalator Industry Association. Thereby you know that the stairlift is safe and reliable. More so, your needs should ideally be the only driver for selecting a solution, not the cost. Luckily, a company such as Age UK are able to beat the competition’s price.