Stress Signs You May Not Have Been Aware of

Stress is so normal in an average person’s life, that many of the symptoms that would signify there’s a serious problem are often pushed to the side. The trouble with pushing stress aside, however, is that it can build up and manifest in ways that threaten to destroy your personal and professional life. They can ultimately destroy your health and lead to a shortened life expectancy. The only way to keep stress from killing you is to know the common and uncommon signs and be familiar with how your body shows you, it’s time to take a break.

Substance Dependency

You come home after a hectic day in the office and you have a glass of wine, cold beer, cigarette, joint, or hard liquor to forget about the madness. This is an emotional dependency. Due to the heightened levels of stress in your life, you’ve become dependent upon substances like drugs and alcohol to provide you with a high or relief. Since this is only a temporary fix, this dependency then leads to addiction and the need to use it to cope with stress. You might need a change of scenery. Attending a Palm Beach rehab center, for instance, would take you away from your normal environment and provide you with the foundation you need to kick your habit.

Throbbing Muscles

Here’s a sign of too much stress you may not have been aware of, throbbing or achy muscles. When you’re stressed, a lot of tension is pinned up in your muscles resulting in aches and pains. You might experience pain in the back or neck most commonly. To remedy this, you may need to get a massage to loosen up the tightened muscles.


Thirsty much? If your thirst has increased and your health is otherwise intact, this could be a sign of too much stress. When you’re anxious or stressed your adrenal glands pump out stress hormones. The boost in hormones can cause fatigue which can lead to a reduction in fluids and electrolytes. Since dehydration can lead to a host of complications, it is recommended that you increase your fluid intake while you work on reducing the stress.

Hair Loss

Here’s one you don’t want to dismiss. If you’re losing hair, this is a surefire sign that you’re dealing with too much right now. There are several stress-related conditions that result in hair loss. Some result in hair falling out over time, others are the direct result of you pulling out your hair, and another called Alopecia is when the body’s immune system starts attacking hair follicles. If you notice significant hair loss it is recommended that you see your doctor right away.

Stress is a common feeling that in many ways, is beneficial to your life. However, when pushed to the limits, stress can threaten the very life you’ve worked so hard to accomplish. If you’ve noticed any one or a combination of these signs mentioned above, it is a clear indication that you need to start reducing the stress in your life. If the symptoms above continue despite your efforts to ease your stress, consult with a doctor for further assistance.