The Benefits of a Detox Regimen

The modern world is full of toxins that can be harmful to your system, and you take those toxins in all the time without even realizing it. No matter how careful you try to be, there are always chemicals in the air you breathe, the water you drink, and the food you eat. An intentional detox regimen can help you get rid of those toxins and live a healthier life. Cleaning out your system can be done in many different ways, from short-term weekend detox plans to the 21-day Clean Program Detox Cleanse diet. All of them are designed to flush the bad things out so you can experience the health benefits as your body works the way it was naturally designed to work.

Common Toxins in Your System

Such common items as plastic and factory farmed meats contain elements that are known to be endocrine disruptors. An endocrine disruptor can cause your hormones to behave in unusual ways, which can lead to many kinds of problems. Heavy metals, like mercury, can build up in the fish or meat that you eat. Many of these metals then build up in your own system and can cause everything from depression to cognitive disorders. Most drinking water is treated with fluoride, which can cause thyroid damage. Foods that are highly processed generally contain non-food chemical items such as preservatives, dyes, and manufactured flavors that do not process naturally through your system.

Benefits of Eliminating Toxins

Getting those various toxins out of your system can cause noticeable improvements to your general health, and sometimes detoxing can even lead to weight loss. Removing toxins helps protect you against chronic disease, mental disorders, and even premature aging. Your skin will become clearer as your system becomes cleaner, and you will find that you have more energy because your body is no longer fighting against those internal toxins. Removing toxins that impact the hormonal system can help your body regain its normal balance, which can provide you with more mental clarity and improve your ability to focus.

Detoxing Through Diet

There are some ways to jumpstart detoxing by changing the way you eat. A cleanse is an extreme shift in eating that is meant to flush your system in a matter of days so that you can start a healthier, less toxic diet over the long term. Almost every detoxing diet begins with something that clears your digestive tract quickly. A cleanse usually involves a strict liquid diet that is limited to water, natural sugars, and citrus fruit. After the cleanse, you can prevent accumulating excess toxins by eating organic foods and avoiding any processed sugars or factory farmed animal products.

Hydrotherapy Detox

Toxins can also be released externally through hydrotherapy. Epsom salt baths, hot saunas, and alternating hot and cold showers are all effective ways of purging toxins through sweat. Sweating it out pulls toxins from the bloodstream and other cellular tissues that might not be affected by food-based detoxing. It is important to drink plenty of water and remain fully hydrated when you sweat toxins out of your system. Pay close attention to your electrolyte levels, as well. Some hydrotherapy methods are relaxing as well as cleansing, which helps reduce toxins that can build up in your muscles when you are stressed.

Photo by InAweofGod’sCreation