Swimming Exercises Infographic

Julia Roberts. Hillary Duff. Mila Kunis. don’t you want to look just like these famous celebrities? Now you can! One thing these celebrities all have in common is that they use swimming to shape their bodies in order to stay in shape. There is a reason they all practice this routine and it is because of the benefits that swimming has on the human body. Swimming is one of the only workouts that can actually work out your entire body working all of your muscles. Through various swimming strokes, an individual can work out certain muscles in each stroke. This gives the human body an overall workout and provides the greatest benefits. This infographic called Make A Splash discusses all of the various swimming techniques including statistics that prove swimming is a great exercise. Also, things that can help you make sure you stay on top of swimming including a swimming spa are discussed that will truly give you the results you need.

michael phelps exercises

Adam Perry created this infographic on behalf of Michael Phelps Swimming Spas.