The advantages of new orthodontic systems

The main problem people have with traditional dental braces is that it doesn’t take much for anyone to spot them from a distance. The bright metallic appearance of braces can make them incredibly obvious. That’s one of the many reasons why new orthodontic systems are preferred among so many people these days. These are useful for many people but that doesn’t mean it will be effective in every single case.


Inman Aligners are useful in that they feature removable aligners that work on the front teeth. An aligner is added over the teeth like a mouth guard and it will not feature the same brackets that come with traditional orthodontic braces. This is designed to make the user feel a little more comfortable without having to put up with too much pressure over how the aligners are to be utilized in any case.


Six Month Smiles has a design that is somewhat similar to braces in that it incorporates a few wires around the teeth. Six month Smiles focus on straightening the front teeth only which makes the treatment time shorter.  Also the wires and brackets used are the same colour as the teeth making them a lot more discreet. They are useful in minor orthodontic cases where a small bit of help is needed in order to fix the teeth.


Invisalign is the least visible option to go with. This is a choice where a person can receive help by using a series of aligners that can be replaced during the life of an orthodontic plan. This is often used to help the patient out by getting individual teeth straightened with a series of removable aligners. These can be applied as needed and can work with minimal pressure to realign and straighten crooked teeth.


The big reason why Invisalign is so popular is because it is virtually invisible when compared to other options for braces. Invisalign uses a series of aligners that will not create which are very hard for people to detect. The aligners are clear and will be shaped to match up with the desired positions that the teeth are to be in. In other words, they do not create problems relating to brackets, wires and other unsightly parts that often get in the way.


It should be noted that these new orthodontic systems, while they might be harder to see from a distance, may not be suitable for fixing the more serious orthodontic issues that a person has. That essentially is the trade-off and a traditional visible solution might be better for those who have more complex cases.. This is especially important considering how Six Month Smiles and the Inman Aligner works on the front teeth only. Invisalign focuses on the full mouth and takes a slower and more measured approach. It can straighten most teeth but it will not work in all cases..


New orthodontic systems may be valuable for those who need help with getting their teeth to look their best. These systems can work well without being too visible and should be suitable for many orthodontic needs. Still, they are not going to work for extreme cases. Be sure to contact a dentist for help with figuring out the best orthodontic plan for your personal situation.


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