The Benefits For Doing Some Exercise During Pregnancy

Mothers all over the world tell us, that being pregnant is one of the most wonderful experiences, that any woman will have in her lifetime, but they also tell us about the downsides as well. Some of the negative things about being pregnant, is the inability to keep your food down, and when you do want something to eat, it’s usually a craving, and you want something quite strange. Getting to the bathroom on time can be a bit of a nightmare, due to the fact that your baby is pushing down on your  bladder continuously.

The benefits of exercise.

Doctors suggest that pregnant woman should be hitting the gym more often, and trying to take more exercise, but for many expectant mothers, this is the last thing on their mind. Some mothers worry that exercise will be harmful to the baby, but once you decide to take a pregnancy ultrasound, it is easy to see that exercise provides benefits for both mother and baby. Exercising during pregnancy, even if it’s only a brisk walk around the park, offers up numerous benefits and we will look at just a few of them here today.

  • Reduces pregnancy complications – Studies tell us that expectant mothers who took part in some kind of fitness were less likely to experience things like gestational diabetes, and it also reduced the incidence of an unplanned caesarean section. These two reasons alone are enough to encourage mothers to exercise.
  • Quicker post delivery recovery – Having a baby is very draining emotionally and physically, but those mothers who took exercise regularly, were able to recover more quickly after having a baby. Women were more easily able to return to their normal lives, and this meant that they were more happy and content.
  • It provides a boost to your mood – Many expectant mothers have issues with their hormones during pregnancy, and so they suffer from depression and other mental illnesses. Taking regular exercise during pregnancy reduces depression, and helped to improve women’s moods, while also reducing additional stress and anxiety.
  • Improved sleep – Sleep is essential for any expectant mother, but many of them complain that they cannot fall asleep during pregnancy. Those mothers who exercised just before bedtime say that the quality of their sleeping was much better, and when they woke up, they felt that they had a good night’s sleep.
  • Helps to ease back pain – A baby inside any mother, is going to put pressure on the lower half of the body, and this results in back pain. Regular exercise helped to lower this back pain.

There is no doubt that continuing an exercise routine that you were doing before pregnancy, or beginning, on finding out that you are pregnant, is beneficial to both mother and baby. It helps to control the weight of both mother and child, which allows for an easier delivery on the day. Exercise is good for you at any stage of your life, but during pregnancy, it is essential.