How to improve your overall health and wellness

Christmas and the holiday season can be a trying time for your overall health and wellness. From eating a little bit extra or drinking a few too many cocktails, to failing to get those all-important eight hours of sleep, it’s important to make a few changes to reset, rest and get back on track for 2018 and beyond. If you are trying to improve your overall health and wellness, to lose weight, feel better or even feel full of energy for the next few months, then keep these tips in mind so that you can stay on the right track.

Rest up

Sleep plays a crucial role in your overall health and wellbeing, giving your body time to rejuvenate and switch off from the daily stresses and worries of your everyday life. There are a few ways that you can improve the quality of your shuteye, that don’t require too much effort. First and foremost, switch off your cell phone and remove all electrical gadgets from your bedroom – your bed is for sleeping. Try to avoid late night snacking or heavy meals, as this can not only cause you to pile on the pounds, but also places extra stress on your digestive system while you rest. Finally, consider showering at night. Although this might not sound like an obvious way to improve your sleep, it can help your body to cool down and make you feel more relaxed in time for bed.

Eat well

If you intend to eat well, or make a few changes to get your overall diet in better shape – but always fall at the first hurdle – then it’s time to start keeping a food journal to keep track of what you are eating. Try replacing salty snacks and cakes or cookies with dried fruit, nuts or whole-wheat crackers. Replace store bought ready meals with home cooked versions of your family favorites, as these are a lot better for you and contain less salt and calories. If your family aren’t convinced, then get your kids involved in meal planning and preparation – as everyone will benefit in the long run. If your family hate eating fresh fruit and vegetables, then it’s time to get creative. Consider creating some delicious soups, smoothies and juices to ensure that your entire clan gets the nutrients that they need.  Eat for the season too, as fresh local produce can help to combat seasonal allergies and bugs. Finally, buy organic or at your local farmers market whenever possible, and if you can afford to.

Oral health

Now you’ve given your diet and sleep some attention, it’s time to get your oral hygiene on track too. If you haven’t booked an appointment at the dentist in the last six months, then it’s high time you made one to get an overall checkup. If your kids hate brushing, then why not buy them an electric toothbrush to make sure that they take time to clean their teeth. It’s important to floss and use mouthwash as part of your overall dental hygiene routine, and you can ask your dentist any questions during your next visit. You could also use 2018 to give your smile some much-needed love and attention by considering dental implants to replace missing teeth. In our busy lives we are all too guilty of neglecting our teeth and gums, so make sure that you look after your oral health too.

Book a health check

Once you’ve booked your dentists’ appointment, it’s time to take a trip to see your local doctor or health practitioner. Whether you have been ignoring a few aches and pains for several months, or feel that it’s high time that you had an overall checkup, then make sure that you book an appointment for the New Year. During a routine checkup you can expect your height, weight and measurements to be taken, whereas if you feel that something is not quite right then you might want to make a separate appointment. Don’t be shy about telling your doctor if you are in pain, they are a trained professional and won’t make you feel embarrassed.

It’s important to give your overall health some attention during the winter months, as it’s all too easy to become tired and run down. Make sure that you try and improve your sleeping habits, and eat organic, home cooked meals to boost your diet. Finally make sure that you book in to see your doctor and dentist, to ensure that your health remains in optimal condition.