The Benefits of Powered Air Purifying Respirators

The respiratory system has a vital role in the body. The lungs extract oxygen from the air, which gets delivered to the entire body via the bloodstream, whilst simultaneously collecting carbon dioxide to expel as a by-product.

Harmful airborne particles and gases can be detrimental to the lungs. Technological advancements in respirators, such as Powered Air Purifying Respirators (PAPRs), have revolutionised respiratory protection in the workplace.

What Are PAPRs?

PAPRs are a type of respirator designed to protect users against harmful airborne substances, such as chemicals, pathogens, and dust. They work by using a battery-powered fan to push air through an air-purifying filter, delivering clean air to the breathing zone. Sending a continuous stream of air into the mask creates a positive pressure, which prevents the infiltration (air leaks) of contaminated air.

Photo: CleanSpace

The Benefits Of PAPRs

CleanSpace PAPRs have been successfully deployed across many different industries, including welding, healthcare, and construction. This is because of a few key benefits of CleanSpace PAPRs:

Smart Design

  • Can be used across a variety of industries and environments
  • Durable enough for industry, yet ergonomic for the healthcare setting
  • Compatible with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Compact to fit with other wearable equipment (such as welding shields)
  • Exhalation valve prevents goggles or glasses fogging up
  • Training and maintenance is straightforward


  • Easy to don/doff with auto-start/stop technology
  • Simple to operate with the easy one-button system
  • Comfortable, helping workers to stay productive throughout their shift
  • Integrated design with no hoses, belts or waist-mounted battery packs
  • Lightweight (units weigh just 500g), reducing fatigue and strain points
  • Low breathing resistance, allowing users to breathe more naturally and reducing discomfort when in use

Advanced Technology

  • Air-on-demand using CleanSpace’s AirSensit Technology
  • Fresh airflow (up to 220L/min)
  • Long battery life, delivering clean air for up to eight hours to last a full shift (with option for “top up” charges allowing the respirator to be used over a 12 hour shift.)
  • A variety of P3 filters and combination gas filters available to suite a range of industries
  • Positive pressure unit, so contaminated air is unable to infiltrate the system

Exceptional Safety

  • Certified to meet Australian/New Zealand Respirator standards
  • Compatible with quantitative fit testing methods
  • Design and manufacturing is ISO9001 accredited
  • All CleanSpace Respirators are covered by a two-year limited warranty
  • CleanSpace Respirators are proudly made in Australia

Limitations Of PAPRs

PAPRs have some limitations. Respirators will not perform to the expected standard if they are not used properly. Getting the right fit and choosing the right respirator for the situation is critical for respirator performance.

Moreover, PAPRs cannot be used in an oxygen-deficient atmosphere, or where the atmosphere contaminants are unknown. Alternatives should be used for these situations, such Atmosphere Supplying Respirators which deliver clean air from an external source.

The CleanSpace Difference

With leading-edge technology and efficient performance, CleanSpace respirators are the perfect choice for the workplace. They offer superior respiratory protection for a wide range of fields, including health, construction, and specialised industries.

Work effortlessly and comfortably with superior respiratory protection. Learn more about CleanSpace Respirators.