Rear view of a young man suffering from backache

The Coronavirus Sparked a Dialogue

The Coronavirus health pandemic has sparked a much needed dialogue about the need for more people to prize and prioritize their health and wellness. Indeed, health experts like Helen Lee Schifter have been imploring people to wake up and do so, for quite some time now.

Surely, there are many health experts who have passionately spoken out about what they view as the negative attitudes people in society have exuded toward issues surrounding health and wellness. This is an important conversation that ought to be had at long last. It’s no secret that for example among the youth demographic, there is an awful obesity epidemic that has plagued the group of people within the demographic for years.

Helen Lee Schifter has expressed her concern about these issues in writings and her own personal commentary. The reality is that people have neglected health and wellness (that is, both physical and emotional) in favor of both commercial pursuits and overall career development. Professional initiatives are important and significant. There’s no sense in doubting that. And it certainly would be a futile experiment to do so; but how can we wake members of society up?

The fact is that more people have to take their physical health and its status far more seriously than they presently are. This is an issue that hasn’t gotten the attention it deserves. Frankly, it’s part of the reason that we’ve seen statistical data reflect horrible health conditions among many members of society. It is certainly in the public interest for there to be more done in order to maximize awareness of this issue.

The media needs to play a more fundamental and pivotal role in this discussion. Ken Kurson understands this more clearly than others. It’s no doubt that the media can play a vital role in enlightening people of the dangers in continuing to neglect their health. But there are also more cutting-edge and creative ways in which media channels can be used to communicate this important message.

In today’s day and age, digital media and social media cannot be taken for granted, under any circumstances. Their value is enormous and that’s certainly no secret. For that reason, there should be more effort expended in utilizing these channels to transmit this ever so important message to the general public. It’s no question that it’ll have a lasting and durable impact on the way the public treats health and wellness in terms of the priorities they ought to be.