The Good and The Bad Effects of Smoking Marijuana

The prohibition of the cannabis plant in the early 20th century has labelled it with a substance that been associated with addiction and deviant behaviour. That has led to many taboos and socially undesirable norms, which in turn have caused the public to form an uneducated opinion about cannabis consumption. Because of criminalisation and lack of focus on studying the effects on the plant, it’s been categorised as a harmful substance like other illegal drugs.

The cannabis plant can cause severe health problems, but there are a couple of positive effects it can have, as long as consumption is regulated by a medical professional. If you’re having problems with quitting marijuana and other drugs, there are plenty of ways that can help you quit drugs, as long as you recognise that a problem exists.




  • Relaxation – It’s been universally acknowledged that cannabis consumption helps to relax a person’s body. The two main compounds that deliver the relaxing effect are psychoactive tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD), and they can help alleviate some anxiety and stress-related issues.
  • Creativity – One of the reasons why the stereotype that artists consume cannabis is that it effects the frontal lobe, and that part of the brain is responsible for critical thinking and creativity. So, cannabis consumption can lead to an increase in the ability to connect abstract thoughts.


  • Pain Relief – Cannabis is a natural analgesic, and that effect can be achieved by ingesting, inhaling, and applying it topically. That helps to decrease the intensity of chemical pain signals, allowing your immune cells to communicate more clearly.




  • Paranoia – Smoking marijuana does help alleviate anxiety, but if consumed in larger doses, it causes paranoia. That’s why many people who’ve consumed too much might feel the public is watching them intently. Cannabis-induced paranoia can have severe mental effects, and medical attention may be required.
  • Disorientation – THC is a psychoactive that causes consumers to feel out of place, or have their sense of purpose skewed. It can feel as if you’re watching your life from afar, or not living in reality. This can translate to a misunderstanding of the basic reality in most – but not all – cases, and help could be required.
  • Allergy – Some people can have an allergic reaction to cannabis, and that might be due to foreign substances found on the plant itself. Some fertilisers and pesticides can have an abrupt effect on your health. Also, mould-affected plants may also cause allergies that require medical attention.
  • Headache – If cannabis is consumed in the form of a joint, then the rolling paper can have irritable chemicals in it, which can cause headaches and similar detrimental health effects. These chemicals are free radicals that can cause damage to your cells, which in turn to could lead to a host of health problems.


Less REM sleep – Cannabis users do get more deep sleep, but the quality of that sleep is reduced because they don’t reach REM sleep as often as they should. REM sleep is extremely beneficial to your health, and consuming marijuana can have a lasting negative effect on your ability to have REM sleep.