The Most Popular Cosmetic Surgery Procedures in 2021

As we enter the new decade, plastic surgery is also entering a new phase. Gone are the days of large breast enhancements, massive lip fillers, and ridiculous butt implants. Most of today’s cosmetic procedures are carefully done to enhance a patient’s physique and natural beauty. 

Cosmetic anti-aging therapies are also growing at a massive rate. With all of that said, what are the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures that are popular today? And why are they so popular? 

In order to give you more insight we’ve curated a list of the most popular cosmetic surgeries that are available in leading facilities like Stratus Cosmetic Surgery Columbus Ohio.

Facial Rejuvenation Procedures 

Perhaps one of the biggest growths in the field of cosmetic surgery is facial rejuvenation procedures. These medical procedures and treatments slow down or even reverse common signs of aging that we all undergo as humans. 

These can be as small as wrinkle fillers to a complete facelift. Many different types of procedures come under facial rejuvenation procedures. Procedures like rhinoplasty, blepharoplasty, chin augmentation, mole removal, lip fillers, chin augmentation, etc., all can make a difference in how your face looks and how youthful your appearance can look. 

The role of non-surgical procedures has also shifted from curative to preventative. Instead of opting for Botox after the signs of wrinkles and creases have already appeared, patients now prefer to have them done before any signs of aging ever appear. 

Body-contouring Procedures

Procedures like liposuction, arm lift, and tummy tuck will also see continued growth as well. This is not only due to consumer interest but advancements in the non-surgical alternatives to such procedures. Fat reduction, muscle tightening, cellulite reduction are all non-invasive to minimally invasive and will continue to soar in popularity. 

While the more traditional liposuction, arm lift, and tummy tuck procedures also have seen no stops of slowing down either. 

Breast Reduction 

Even though breast implants were the last hottest thing in cosmetic surgery in the past decade, this trend is slowing down. Instead of enhancing their breasts’ size, many women are now opting to reduce the size of their breasts and nipples.

Not only is this because of generally shifting societal beauty standards but also as many women have begun to see the drawbacks of large, heavy breasts, namely back issues and neck pain.

A procedure that has not seen any decline in its growth, however, is the breast lift. This procedure is done on sagging breasts to make them firmer and tighter and is being done in ever-increasing numbers as women want to have a more sculpted look these days. Nipple reduction procedures are similarly in high demand these days.  

A lot of this growth is also from former patients who had gotten breast implants as well, as they now seek to remove them and reduce the size of their breasts and firm them up as well.


No matter what procedures are currently trending, make sure you visit a board-certified professional and consult them before making any decisions regarding cosmetic procedures.