The Snorelax Solution to Chronic Snoring: A Union of Comfort and Convenience

We know that sound. Not the sound of silence, of a couple sleeping well, but the sound of one person driving the other mad. It is a sound that is measurable in decibels, but immeasurable in its deafening cost to health and happiness; it is a sound not of annoyance alone, but the feeling of having to sleep alone; it is a sound that reverberates across the land, vibrating from the narrow  passageways of our airways to vitiating our quality of life; it is the problem of chronic snoring, which affects 93 million Americans.

Chronic snoring is also a symptom of – it is very much a warning sound concerning – more serious threats such as a higher risk of heart attack and stroke, chronic fatigue syndrome, depression, and Type 2 Diabetes, among many other illnesses. It is, in addition, a sound that is the result less of what we hear and more of what we do not see: The loosening of muscles and the relaxing of the jaw, wherein airways narrow and vibrations of breath against these passageways follow, which cause snoring.

Solving this condition is the mission of Snorelax, makers of a patent pending series of thin, multilayered, breathable cotton slips that eliminate chronic snoring in three days or less. Each slip stretches from your chin to cheekbone, representing an ideal union of form and function.

The product design deserves particular praise, and I congratulate the doctors responsible for the creation of Snorelax, because they appreciate what I call the elegance of simplicity: A style that evokes the excellence of design that influences brands such as Apple, Nike, and Hermès. Call it the uniformity of the look and feel of a product, which complements the utility of that product.

Snorelax achieves that goal – and more – thanks to the principles described above.