Three Things You’re Doing Wrong to Meet Your New Year’s Resolutions with Rapid Weight Loss

Weight loss is a very popular topic in North America. As a matter of fact, for several years and running it’s been consistently in the top 10 for most popular New Year’s resolutions. A recent ABC News Article offers some further clarity on this growing demographic, spurred by a nation where obesity numbers are astronomical. According to ABC News, there are more than 108 million people on diets in the U.S., fueling a growing $20 billion dollar annual diet industry. The average time that is spent on daily exercise by dieters averages about an hour per day, yet people are still not dropping the pounds. If you happen to have weight loss penned into your to-do list for New Year’s resolutions you aim to keep, there might be a few things that you are doing wrong that could prevent you from meeting your predetermined goals in 2014.

Don’t Take a Vacation from Dieting or Working Out
One of the surest mistakes that many people seeking rapid weight loss make is in taking a vacation from their diet or work out. Many people commonly stop working out over the holiday season, something that actually hurts you more than you will think. Consider all of the fatty and calorie rich foods that you ingest over the holidays, and then imagine what they are doing when you are not combating that influx of calories and fat by continuing with your daily one-hour work out. Instead, take a break from your work schedule but continue your daily exercise routine to sustain your weight loss endeavors. Of course, be sure that you still manage your diet accordingly, and avoid splurging and breaking your diet at holiday meals.

Stop Eating Before You Sleep
When your body enters the latent state of sleep, it’s functioning at half capacity as far as your metabolism is concerned. It’s widely known that eating before you sleep is bad for you regardless of your weight, because much of the calories will not be burned due to your physical inactiveness and will instead be stored as fat reserves by the body. To avoid this, do not eat at least three hours before bedtime to ensure that you preserve your metabolic rate.

Are You Drinking Enough Water?
Most of us are terrible about drinking the proper amount of water that our bodies require daily. We are supposed to consume, ideally, our weight in ounces of water daily. This averages about eight glasses of water per person per day. Water is what comprises most of your body (more than 70 percent of it in fact). It’s a necessary aspect to weight loss because it helps cleanse your body of toxins that otherwise can bog down the liver. When the liver and other internal organs are overly focused on processing toxins, they are less focused on processing fats and burning them, thus leading to weight gain. Furthermore, if you plan on drinking heavily during the holiday season, be sure to compliment each alcoholic beverage with a full glass of water to help ease the burden placed upon your liver, and to prevent weight gain from hearty holiday meals.


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