Tips for a Successful Instagram Account for Your Health Club

The fitness business has taken to Instagram like the proverbial fish to water. Today, you will discover virtually everyone who has anything to do with the fitness industry ranging from gyms, fitness studios, yoga instructors, trainers, and instructors, and even nutritionists having their accounts on Instagram. This is because it has been established that businesses with a presence on Instagram can connect better with their target audiences, maximize their brand awareness, drive better engagement, and value. Some useful tips for health club owners for making their Instagram accounts deliver a bigger punch:

Consider Yourself as a Business

Instagram offers two types of accounts – personal and business. Even though the basic features of both types are the same, it is preferable that when you set up an Instagram account for your health club, you choose the business option. Instagram for business offers access to more advanced features like Instagram Insights for monitoring key performance parameters of your account.

It Is All About Engagement 

One of the main reasons why brand marketers prefer Instagram over other social media platforms is that they can achieve a far greater level of engagement with their target audiences given the visual nature of the network and the generally younger and more affluent audiences accustomed to multitasking on their smartphones and their need for instant gratification. As a health club owner, your primary aim after having amassed the optimum number of followers is to engage them with useful, value-added, and entertaining content via a regular and consistent stream of posts. As per, social media marketing could be an amazing way of connecting with current and even potential patients.

By posting content that invites users to engage with you with comments rather than just desultory likes, you will be able to build a connection with them that is more memorable and durable. Instagram is trying to encourage its users to up their ante by making moves to hide the number of likes to shift the focus away to more engaging content. 

It is also important not to rely on your gut feel regarding the level of engagement but to measure important metrics like impressions, reach, followers, comments, website URL clicks, DMS, views, etc. The insights you get can help you to tweak your Instagram content strategy so that you can get a better ROI. You may buy 20 Instagram likes by contacting a digital marketing company.

Inspire Users with Success Stories 

One of the biggest issues faced by members of health clubs, gyms, fitness studios, etc. is that after some time, they get disillusioned due to their over expectations, tend to lose heart, and drop out. Since it has enormous ramifications on the bottom-line, health club managers need to be able to inspire their members with examples of people who have stuck to their guns and achieved their fitness goals. The success stories can be varied, in fact, the more varied they are, the better it is as they will serve to encourage more users striving to lead a fitter and healthier life. In addition to inspiring existing members to achieve their fitness objective, the posts of success stories also act as valuable social proof of the effectiveness of your fitness program and add to the credibility and reputation of your business. By using content that is both authentic and relatable, you will be able to drive engagement better as well as acquire more followers.

Employ Instagram TV

Instagram TV or IGTV as it is also called has nothing to do with television but an Instagram facility that allows users to post long-form videos of up to 10 minutes. Videos tend to be immensely popular with the younger smartphone generation and are a very handy tool in the hands of marketers to deliver engaging content to communicate with target audiences and drive value. This is the reason why despite making a hesitant start, IGTV is now being widely used by major brands as an integral part of the social media marketing strategy. The same success formula can be very easily used by health clubs to attract and lock in more eyeballs.

Focus on Highlighting Your Personality 

Your brand’s personality helps in shaping your messaging and building a robust and trusting relationship with your clients. Your brand personality should be perceived as human traits applicable to your specific business. Your personality should be highlighted in your social media and everything else you do.

Create Authentic Content 

It is of pivotal importance to demonstrate your authenticity on Instagram and other social media platforms to boost your business. More and more people are looking for original content from reliable sources. It implies demonstrating your business’s real side. Focus on capturing genuine moments involving real people.


The social media platform is truly dynamic. It is evolving and changing consistently. As new trends are coming up, you are compelled to tailor your Instagram for meeting the demands and needs of your target audience. By sharing original content you can boost your brand.