ContraGel: The Safe Alternative for Hormonal Birth Control

After a very long time, females are turning their back on artificial hormones as birth control, leading to the grand comeback of barrier contraceptives. In order to make barrier birth control methods more effective, there has been a tremendous transformation from latex to silicone and the introduction of natural spermicides like ContraGel. With such advancements in birth control methods, no doubt women are turning to this technique as their favored method of birth control.

N-9 Spermicide or the Natural Alternative
Typical Nonoxynol-9 spermicides such as Gygel and Gynol act as chemical surfactants- they have a similar chemical composition as harsh cleaning materials. To get the job done, these N-9 spermicides attack the cells, breaking them down and killing them. But many such spermicides don’t have the capability to choose between the cells they are supposed to attack and the other ones. So, in this way, these gels also attack the intimate, sensitive skin cells. Due to this, many men and women report irritation, rashes, and burning sensations after using N-9 gels. Another major concern while using spermicides is the porous nature of the vaginal mucous membrane. These membranes can absorb the harsh chemicals, from where the toxins penetrate the skin can travel the entire body through bloodstream.

As compared to these chemical spermicides, ContraGel is a natural and safe alternative. This spermicide has no Nonoxynol-9, is completely non-toxic, and vegan as well. ContraGel is formulated so that it is entirely compatible with the natural pH of the human vagina and doesn’t harm the natural bacteria. Though the selection between the normal nonoxynol-9 spermicide and ContraGel is very obvious- but when it comes to effectiveness, is there any difference?

A recent medical study deduced that ContraGel is equally effective as Nonoxynol-9 spermicides when used with diaphragms. It is a fantastic finding for females worldwide who were looking for an all-natural birth control method and is effective. ContraGel is a clear winner with its eco-friendly, body-friendly, and natural nature when it comes to the battle between contraceptive methods. 

Apart from this groundbreaking research, the safety and effectiveness of ContraGel are well-established. It is a CE-certified contraceptive gel that can be used with a barrier contraceptive. ContraGel has an excellent history of customer reviews and satisfaction.

How does ContraGel Work?
There are two ways ContraGel works: firstly, ContraGel decreases the pH levels in the vaginal area, thus making it a hostile environment for sperms. Secondly, the dense consistency of ContraGel traps the sperm cells, preventing them from swimming past through the slight openings left in the barrier contraceptive. According to specific research, the combined duality of ContraGel contraceptive cream increases the barrier contraceptive’s overall effectivity, making it equally potent like chemical contraceptives. 

ContraGel has six key ingredients: water, sodium lactate, lactic acid, sorbic acid, methylcellulose, and vanillin. It is a water-soluble spermicide and can be safely used with cervical caps, silicone diaphragms, and polyurethane and latex condoms. Apart from this, ContraGel works perfectly fine with water-based lubricants. 

Does ContraGel Cause Skin Irritation?
Every human body is different and responds uniquely from each other to a product. Guaranteeing that no user will experience skin irritation after using ContraGel is similar to ensuring that no individual will have any reaction to lemons. But when compared to chemical spermicides containing Nonoxynol 9, it has been seen that the reaction rate of ContraGel is significantly less. If you have sensitive skin and are using ContraGel for the first time, you can check skin sensitivity by applying ContraGel on a small part for any reaction. In case you have any specific skin condition, it is better to consult your dermatologist before using ContraGel.
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