Tips for Getting Through a Nasty Break Up

It’s something that everybody will go through at some point. It can be very painful and difficult to get through a breakup, and if it’s the first serious one you’re going through chances are you’ll be at a loose end as to how to deal with it. However, there is a light at the end of the tunnel! Whether you’re right at the beginning of the break up process, or you feel you’re approaching the right moment in time to move on, there are some top tips that can help you to understand how you’re feeling, and to cope with it effectively.

Practice Self Care

The first step in moving forward after a breakup is practicing self-care. It’s very tempting to wallow in self-pity and lock yourself away from the rest of the world whilst you cry, eat your body weight in calories, and watch the latest chick flicks under the duvet. Unfortunately, this won’t actually help you move forward in any way, and although it’s important to let yourself have this time to lick your wounds, there comes a point when you have to try something else. Self-care looks different to everybody who does it, but the idea of it is to let yourself be absorbed in something you love, and to try and improve yourself both mentally and physically. Some people might try something physical like throwing themselves into a regular gym routine, others might prefer to have a hot bath put on a face mask and light a candle. However you practice self-care, it’s important that you make an effort to do it.

Stay Away from Social Media

Although some websites may prove to be useful in aiding your self-help research, it might be a good idea to steer clear of social media for a little while. After a separation, it’s all too tempting to go online and check on what the other person is doing and whether they’ve moved on, but it’s not healthy for you to do this. Not only this, but seeing pictures of happy couples put all over Instagram and Facebook will do nothing but lower your mood and remind you of what it is you’re trying to forget. Nobodies life is as perfect as it may appear online, and you’d do well to remember that! Social media has often been found to have links to anxiety because people compare themselves to the fake versions of other people they see on the internet, so a social media detox could do you the world of good.

Talk Openly

Talking openly and getting in contact with friends, family, or anyone else who you feel could give you advice is very, very important. A problem shared, is indeed, a problem halved! Nobody should have to grieve the loss of the relationship on their own, so share your feelings with someone who’ll listen, and it’s surprising how much better you could begin to feel. Whether it’s calling your Mum for a good cry, or going for drinks with your best friend, sometimes this can be the best therapy of all.

Seek Professional Guidance

Dependant on what you think works for you, seek the help you think you need. If you’re the kind of person who likes to analyse then think and talk things through, traditional one to one therapy could be the answer for you. This can help you to openly acknowledge the problems your relationship may have had head on, and to realise what you yourself might need from relationships in the future. If you’re a more spiritual person and you believe there’s a bigger reason for everything, consulting a Psychic Advisor for advice might be more suited to you. Some people find comfort in looking to the future and what may be in store for them and may want to have a professional look into this for them. Whatever your belief system is, having one can really help you through a down period.

Be Thankful

Last but not at all least, try and be thankful for what you do have in your life. It’s an old cliché, but by looking around at the positive things you have in your life, it can make your loss seem smaller and the good things seem bigger. Instead of focusing on what you’ve lost through your break-up, try and look at what you’ve gained. You’ve got more free time to work on yourself and spend with your friends and the freedom to go out and meet new people and figure out what it is you want. Breaking up with someone isn’t the end of something, it’s only the beginning!