Tips On Finding Time For Fitness And Eating Well When You’re Busy

Sometimes it can be very difficult to find time exercise, and it can be even harder to stay with a good diet. During the holiday season it’s the worst, when you are filling up at family dinners and faced with days of traveling. It can be easy to feel like you are far too busy to get to the gym, or to fit in a walk.

That lack of time, and the constant eating (at least during the holidays) can quickly add a few extra inches to your waistline. That makes it even more important for you to fit in time for fitness, and it makes it even more important to eat healthy, even when grandma’s apple pie is looking like it would taste great, and the seconds would be even better.

Rearrange Your Schedule

Too busy for fitness? Add some time into your day. Maybe get up an hour or two earlier than you need to and take a brisk walk, or stop at the gym on the way home from work.

If it’s a day the gym is closed, like Christmas Day or Easter Day, don’t use that as an excuse to miss your fitness routine. Instead, workout at home, take an extra long walk, or simply do a few crunches. Even a little bit of fitness is better than none.

Keep An Eye On Your Portions

Just because it’s a holiday, or just because you have to eat out because of your busy work schedule, doesn’t give you an excuse to overeat. If you are on a meal plan or on a diet, or you just like to watch what you eat, don’t let anything stand in your way.

When you are at family functions don’t eat just because you think you should. No one should control your eating habits other than you. Just because grandma tells you to have seconds or not to skip the extra cheesy noodles doesn’t mean you have to do what she says.

When at restaurants don’t be afraid to take a doggy bag home with you. Restaurants, especially fast food joints, are notorious for serving portions that are far too large. It also makes sense to pick healthier meal options, like grilled instead of fried and steamed veggies instead of noodles.

Stay Motivated

Determination is what you need the most when it comes to staying on track when life gets busy. Place some affirmations and motivational pictures around your home to help remind you to get fit. You may even find it useful to simply fit in some squats while you brush your teeth or cook breakfast.

Keeping a diet and fitness journal can also be very motivational and help you stay aware of what you are eating and when you are missing workouts.