Tips to Getting Fit for Better Living

Better living is a byproduct of healthier living. 

Regular exercise, a balanced diet, getting 8-quality hours of sleep are all crucial factors of a person’s health and wellness. Likewise, health and wellness occur when physical fitness is a priority.

Experts define physical fitness as the overall condition of cardiovascular function, muscular strength, and flexibility. Combined with regular exercise, a proper diet, and getting enough sleep are critical factors toward long-term health. 

Whether you’re an avid runner, triathlete, swimmer, hiker, or mountain biker, taking precautions to prevent serious injury is critical to an enjoyable, healthy exercise experience. 

Getting fit should be the goal for everyone, but if you’re concerned about how to improve your fitness, there are a few suggestions we have:

Consult your doctor: Before starting any exercise routine, consult with your doctor to ensure that there aren’t any unseen or underlying health concerns first. This consultation should be in addition to a regular health exam. Your physician can describe types of activities for you to consider for your age, weight, and overall fitness levels. 

An exercise routine should focus on your cardiovascular function over a weight-loss intention. Improving your health is a lifestyle change, and weight loss will take place as a byproduct of your overall wellness routine. 

Start incrementally: Too often, people start with an exercise routine and attempt to do too much, too fast. This is problematic and may lead to a loss of motivation, burn-out, or injury. 

Start incrementally and build up your activity levels and intensity over time as your body adapts to the new stressors of your exercise routines. 

Roughly every 2-3 weeks, our bodies adapt to any type of physical stress we place, from exercise to nutrition and sleep. This process is known as homeostasis and is defined as “the tendency toward a relatively stable equilibrium.” 

Get a coach or accountability partner: Whether it’s a loss of motivation, lack of discipline, or some other issue, there will be times when you just don’t have “it” regarding an exercise routine. 

Finding somebody that you trust and respect that you can also empower to keep you on task is crucial for your objectives. This person can be a workout partner or a coach you hire to help you with your exercise objectives and your motivation for those days you lack the motivation. 

Another benefit to hiring a coach is that they will have a wealth of knowledge and experience to educate you on your fitness objectives. A good coach will help get the most out of you during your activities while also providing tips and suggestions for better performance.

Do activities you enjoy: An essential factor in choosing an exercise routine is to do something that you enjoy and will want to continue doing long after the immediate motivation is over. For some people, running or swimming is a passion. For others, it may be hiking or mountain biking. 

For activities where the risk of injury is possible, be sure you know the risks, understand how to perform the movement, and have the proper equipment to protect yourself. 

If you take on an extreme sport such as mountain biking, you should have a checklist of equipment and precautions before exercising. 

You should have an understanding of where you plan to bike, the type of terrain and route you plan on riding, share it with someone who can notify authorities if you get lost or don’t return at a logical time, ride with a partner, and always include wearing the proper equipment. 

  • Known the terrain
  • Notify someone of your plan and travel route
  • Bike with a partner
  • Mountain bike helmet
  • Gloves
  • Shoes
  • Elbow pads and knee pads
  • Water
  • Light snacks
  • Tire repair kits

Choosing to live better and healthier is a process that doesn’t just happen overnight. Instead, it takes wholesale lifestyle changes that include regular exercise, proper nutrition, and getting enough sleep. 

To enjoy your exercise routine, consult your doctor first, begin slowly and incrementally increase your intensity, find someone to hold you accountable, and be sure to wear proper training equipment. 

Finally, better physical fitness should be fun, so be sure to choose an activity you enjoy and look forward to doing. With a coach or accountability buddy paired with an activity you enjoy, motivation to exercise won’t be hard to come by. 

It will improve your overall fitness to provide an opportunity for a long, healthy life when done smartly and safely.