Tips to Maintain Your New Year’s Resolution to Stay Healthy

New year, new me! Well, that’s what we all say when a new year rolls in. Are you tired of setting new fitness or nutrition goals every year and never meeting them? In fact, some studies have shown that 80% of people who join a gym in January quit within 5 months! It can be difficult to keep up new health goals, diets, and workout plans, even when you’ve already made the commitment with the purchase of outdoor gear or exercise equipment. If you are struggling with drug or substance abuse addiction, staying committed to your resolution to be clean is even more paramount to your health and overall life success. Whether it’s your work schedule, kids, illnesses, or money issues, there are ways to get around it all and commit to your resolution, whatever it may be. The good news is, we are here to tell you it’s not impossible. This year you will finally reach those goals that have seemed impossible to reach! If you are finding it hard to stay on track with your new year’s resolution to stay healthy, we have some tips that will help:


  • Invest in Planners and Calendars


If you have tried the healthy/fitness routine last year and failed, maybe you didn’t have any written guidelines for yourself? Investing in planners and calendars is imperative if you want to see progress. Write down your schedule: what time you work, times for meals, workouts, and any other activities in your schedule. This way you should have no excuse not to complete any of the tasks you have set for yourself. The easy way of accomplishing this is purchasing a cheap planner from the dollar store and takes just five minutes of your time to write it all out. Don’t be afraid to get strict with yourself!


  • Track Your Progress


It is vital to know where you start before you begin making changes. This way you can see the results, which are insanely encouraging to see! You will never want to stop seeing the progress once you truly see the difference in the numbers. An easy way to do this is to use technology to your advantage with devices like fitness trackers. If you are a facts person, then seeing proof of what you are doing will help keep you accountable to maintain your plan. In fact, tracking your progress will also help you set realistic goals, and not get down on yourself. Another great and often overlooked idea is to get an STD test. It might seem random, but you want to make sure you are healthy in all parts of your body in order to recognize true progress. The biggest reason why we sometimes discontinue health plans is that we don’t see a difference and give up. Don’t let defeat get in the way of your new year’s resolutions!


  • Set Realistic Goals


Never set goals that are not ideal for your body weight, age, or capability. Sometimes we can get carried away with goals (yes, nothing is impossible) but it is a good idea to start off a little slower. For example, losing 10 pounds in two months is realistic, rather than 10 pounds in two weeks. If you are trying to change your diet and cut out some of your favorite sweets, always start with minor changes. You want to cut out your daily intake before you cut it out completely. Sometimes when we drastically cut out things from our routines it urges us to binge in moments of weakness. This is also true with substance abuse. Realistically, withdrawal symptoms will lead to relapse, so you want to be proactive in dealing with those symptoms. Try natural products like Kratom or CBD to curb the withdrawal symptoms and cravings. It can also help—for addiction and just health overall—to look into talking with a coach. They will help set realistic goals that fit your current lifestyle and health.


  • Keep Trying


Never say never. When you reach those pits of doubt during your new year’s resolution journey, remind yourself that you can do it. The main reason why many individuals give up their healthy new year resolutions is that they think they can’t do it. In fact, quitting and giving up lays the foundation for failure. If you always quit before you reach the end you will never know what could have been. That is why it is important to grit your teeth and keep moving forward during times of weakness. You will thank yourself in the end!


  • Don’t Just Talk About It, Do It


Enough of all the talk while lounging on your comfy mattress—it is time to get going! We often get carried away with our dreams and ideas of what we want to look like or who we want to be. However, talking about it is good, that means you are ready for a change. Now, you just have to take one small step and start your journey to a new and healthy you. A good rule of thumb is when you catch yourself being “all talk” hold yourself accountable to prove yourself. After all, you want to show your friends and coworkers that you actually succeed at what you set yourself up for.