Top 10 reasons why baby wipes are useful during the first year

Baby wipes are generally used when changing your baby’s diapers, this especially in the first year. But it doesn’t have to be limited to that. You can use them for a whole lot of other purposes. Countless purposes! And once you have grown into them, you will find yourself using the baby wipes for almost everything kind of thing in your home.

 Using baby wipes for newborns is a ‘skill‘ I think every mum should master during the baby’s first year and here are the 10 justifications for this:

Cleaning the baby

Baby wipes are gentle on a baby’s sensitive skin. They contain disinfectant properties, are moist and are perfect when it comes to cleaning your babies face, feet or arms. They are much better when cleaning a baby’s mess as he eats, as compared to rags and towels.

Air freshener

If you would want to give your wardrobe, changing table or your diaper pail that fresh scented smell, the baby wipe is a good inexpensive fit for this. Just pour your favorite oil on the wipe and place it where you want the scent. The baby wipe will act similar to a scented sachet!

Remove clothing stains

As a parent you know stains are a norm in your home especially in the first year, be it a baby spit/vomit, coffee or worse still, poop blowout. It is a horror scene. Baby wipes with some little cleaning detergent will most certainly clean up the stain.

Cleaning toys

Babies tend to throw almost everything in their mouth, including toys. They might contain a lot of germs and dirt. Due to their disinfectant properties, baby wipes can be used to clean the toys and leaving them as shiny and clean as new.

Cleaning the house

There is really no need to use bleaching and cleaning chemicals to clean your house when you possess baby wipes. Baby wipes catch almost all dirt from all corners and surfaces. They are exceptional when cleaning sink taps and tubs, toilet seats and bathroom surfaces

Remove makeup

Baby wipes make a very great clean up the tool of make-up especially when you baby messes it up with her squirmy little fingers. The baby wipes can also be used to clean makeup stains from your clothes or beddings.

Alternative to hemorrhoid cream

You can save yourself a huge amount of money and pain by going for baby wipes as an alternative to haemorrhoid cream. Just add a small amount of witch hazel and you are good to go. 

Clean up pets

Baby wipes are a good cleaning tool for your pets and can absorb off dirt and hair falling from your pet.

Sanitize public spots

Numerous trips to the bathroom and washrooms are quite inevitable in the first year. As you travel, you will use lots of public spots and wipes with a little mix of sanitizer can be used to clean these public spots.

Summer cool packs

Baby wipes stored in the refrigerator can help chill you and your baby during those hot summer periods when the temperature might tend to spike.