Training at Home – Improve Your Fitness with these 5 Exercise Machines

Cardio is one of the best ways to improve your fitness and burn excess calories. It helps us maintain a healthy weight and it increases the efficiency of our heart. If you have decided to set up a home gym and you are looking for cardio machines that give you a great workout, look no further than these 5 exercise devices for your home.

  1. Treadmill – The treadmill is the go-to machine for anyone who wants to stay fit without leaving the house. It is the stable of many gym routines as it offers an indoor running solution that can be set in several settings. You can run at a certain speed for your entire workout, or you can choose to elevate the belt to mimic hill training. When it comes to an exercise machine that is designed for cardio, not many beat the treadmill. When looking at an electric treadmill price, you will find that the more robust and modern units are a little pricier than your basic treadmill.
  • Stationary Bike – If you prefer something a little less taxing on the joints, you may prefer to invest in a stationary bike. You can go for an upright stationary bike or a recumbent bike, it all depends on your personal preference. A lot of avid cyclists prefer to purchase a stationary bike as opposed to a treadmill as they can simulate their outdoor training, indoors.
  • Stair climber – Most of us understand the benefits of exercise and the impact it has on our health. Although the stair climber is not the most popular cardio machine for trainers, when used right it offers a lot of exercise options that other machines do not. A stair climber is sometimes categorised as a strength training machine, but it provides an exhausting cardio workout. A stair climber is incredibly demanding on your quads, hamstrings, and glute muscles.
  • Rower – Another great option to improve your cardio is a rowing machine. This exercise device uses the action of rowing a boat to increase your heart rate and put stress on your muscles, especially your legs, arms, and back. It is also a great form of resistance training, much like the stair climber but making use of different muscles. Because the rower uses several big muscle groups, it places huge demands on the body. If you exercise at a high stroke rate, you will burn off a lot of calories when training at home.
  • Cross Trainer – A cross trainer or elliptical machine is an effective cardiovascular machine that offers an entire body workout. The best models come with a range of training options that allow exercisers to try interval training routines or weight loss programmes. In addition to having lots of programme features, they are also low impact which is less stressful on the joints.

As you can see there are many options when it comes to choosing a cardio machine for your home. Choosing the right machine does not have to be a difficult task, if you are not familiar with some of them, you can always join the gym for a day and try out each machine.